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    hello fellow pot heads i would like to share my information that ive gathered over the last few years of my drug test experience. first an foremost ive taken around 10 drug tests in my life an passed every1 of them.(knock on wood i got some more to do) some were random from my probo officer some were well know of before. as well all know Thc is stored in our fat so i have had a great advantage with that. i weigh 140lb an im 5'9. so i have very small amount of body fat obviously. every drug test ive taken was within 1 week of smoking.. yes 1 week. the least amount of time was 3 days. the most recent was 4 days with out smokin an i passed that test last week. all i did was drink some water before the test day then smack out a gallon or gallon an half of water on the test day no vitamin B for yellow or anything never had a problem with the water down piss. now before when i stated i passed a Random drug test i Passed that in 3 DAYS.. yes i smoked 3 days before it got a random drug test told the people i couldnt piss drank as much water as i could in a couple minutes at a foset an pissed an PASSED! i hope this helps you all out with your parnoia an anxiety over drug tests.. i now smile when i take a piss test even though i smoked that week!
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    I'm 6'2'' and 135 pounds, talk about low body fat. I've never had a drug test, but I know I could pass within a week at most. For being so skinny, most people think I use amphetamines, when I really smoke herb.

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    this should be stickied
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    This is not sticky worthy, it is just a rough dilution method. From the sound of it, his probation officer was using instant dip stick style drug tests. Although a lot of PO's know about dilution they don't use validity tests with the instant drug test. Sometimes they may send them out to a lab if they are suspicious but some don't have the resources for that. If all you have to do is pass an instant test and there is no testing for dilution then just about anyone can pass by drinking a gallon and a hald of water because you urine would be basically water. But if you are trying to pass a lab test for a job or a lab test for your PO and your drink that much water you have a very good chance of getting a dilute result. Although a dilute result is sometimes better than failing because there is a chance you may get to retest, many people consider a dilute result a failure. The goal of dilution is to dilute enough to pass but not enough that it is detected because you basically gave them straight water. Dilution's goal is not how to produce as much water as possible in the urine.

    Before they added creatinine clearance testing a few years ago I diluted to pass at least 20 drug tests and helped about 50 other people do the same. Once they added creatinine clearance, it became much harder to pass with dilution and I switched to the more reliable substitution method.
    Instead of making this rough version of dilution a sticky, just read the much more accurate DILUTION sticky that already exists. If you read that sticky you will first of all see water is not the preferred fluid. Then there are other countermeasures used to prevent a dilute result. That thread was completely sticky worthy.
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    3/4 of the tests i took were LAB tests.
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    Twocamaros, BTW I really wasn't trying to take anything away from your post just that nightprowler wanted to make this a sticky and there is already a sticky on Dilution method that is very detailed with a better method than just drinking a gallon & 1/2 of water and some B vitamins. You are lucky that you are very skinny too. If some people tried to drink just a bunch of water there is a good chance they still might fail or get a dilute sample. For example, there are better fluids than just plain water. Keep doing what works for you though and thanks for sharing but I don't think this deserves a sticky when there is a more thorough and accurate one already on the site.
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    haha sorry i actually never noticed that one up there. or maybe i just forgot about it

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