100% germination, every time ... EASY !

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    OK, I lied :wtf:, I haven't gotten 100% germination this way, more like 99.5% ;) ... just do as I did, and don't change anything ... if you disagree, go away :D ...

    1. build the bubbler box I built ... I built mine for cloning, then found out it is an incredible seed-starter :thumbsup:

    2. use dim lights during germination and cloning, until roots are established ...


    OK ?, here we go ........................
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  2. the image reaper

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    First, build the box

    go to wallyworld, etc., buy TWO identical clear plastic tubs ... one will be for the bubbler tank, the other will be a humidity dome (that's why the clear) ...

    buy a bag of 'Rapid Rooter' plugs, NO SUBSTITUTES !

    paint the bottom box black on the OUTSIDE with either Krylon Fusion plastic sparypaint, or simply cover with duct-tape, etc ... makes it lightproof

    drill 1" - 1.25" holes in one lid ... if they are too large, just stick a toothpick thru your rapidrooters ...
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  3. the image reaper

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    you will need an aquarium heater, cheap, automatically keeps the solution about 75 degrees

    also, need a cheap aquarium pump, and airstones, that will bubble well

    you will be using ONE DROP of SuperThrive per gallon of water ... I use chlorinated tapwater, helps guard against fungus, algae, etc ...

    you will change this water every 5 days, replacing it with same
  4. the image reaper

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    see what we're doing here ?

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  5. the image reaper

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    place a DRY seeds into a RapidRooter plug, about 1/4" deep, and lightly tuck a small piece of rooterplug into the hole ... the emerging seeds needs a little resistance to peel it's shell off ... besides, if the seed is to weak to push thru, it isn't worth growing out ...

    with the bubbler going 24 hrs a day, dim light, and about 75 degree solution, just walk away .... leave it alone, come back on the third day, this is what you will see ... in my case, 13 seeds, 13 sprouts, one male (No-stress is the Key)

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  6. the image reaper

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    which, grow into this:

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  7. the image reaper

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    now, you can use your extra bottom box (remember, we bought two of them) ... the spare lid can be flipped upside-down and used as a humidity dome, and your spare lid can be cut for 1 or 2 large net pots holes, or a bunch of small RapidRooter plug holes ...

    now, that's how I do it ... if you do the same, you'll be glad you did ... if you do it differently, don't whine to me :D

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    MODS !! make this a sticky, please

  9. the image reaper

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    Keep It Simple !!

    and, it gets a lot easier :thumbsup:

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  10. the image reaper

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    I apologize for the typing errors, and spelling, I was in a rush, to get this done, before comments, questions, etc ... ;)
  11. Shovelhandle

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    I did nut sea no spelling erraeras

    But how much water, or how high in the res.?

  12. the image reaper

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    I run the water level far enough under the bottoms of the plugs, that they stay damp, but not soaking wet (can't give a distance, as that depends on the air pump and stones) ... the photo shows them too wet, really, I dropped the level down after ... that's the beauty of the RapidRooters, supposedly, the way they retain and drain water, is just right for seeds and clones ... you need to watch the roots don't dry out, that's about it ...
  13. the image reaper

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    Opie Yutts ...

    and, I should give credit to 'Opie Yutts' :thumbsup:, this is basically a copy of his bubble-cloner :smokin:
  14. GreenThumbelina

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    Thank you

    That is brilliant.
  15. Redneck020

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    Very nice!!:)

    I think i will make one for myself.
  16. gypski

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    Fantastic, gotta rig up one of those very soon!!! :thumbsup: :jointsmile:
  17. Divestoned

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    Good work man (even if you did steal it from opie) it's easy too build,easy too use, and cost effective.I think many noob's will like this.

  18. Thanks a lot IR, this worked good! :thumbsup::hippy:
  19. cman20118ut

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    omg...i actually did this while the server was down...well minus the humidity dome....but i got 100 percent out of 15...i just place my seeds...(the viable looking ones) in a solution that is around 20 parts distilled tap then when they drop down i place them into the rooters...no super thrive for me....oh and my top is covered with reflective duct tape...but almost identical...hmm...terrific post tho....when i fill mine up again do you mind if i take a post a pic on this thread?...it wouldnt be for a couple weeks anyway tho
  20. Garrett

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    Very clever idea but how much did the whole setup cost?

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