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Discussion in 'Organic Growing' started by RedwhitEsonavaB, Apr 11, 2010.

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    Ive been looking into fox farm fertilizer and from what ive gathered the Big Bloom, Tiger Bloom, and Cha Ching are only partially organic. Im sure they are still a lot better than most fertilizers but Id like to find something 100% organic.
    Im pretty sure fox farms makes Peace of Mind and Happy Frog brands (which are 100%) but from the stuff ive seen, they dont have any trace elements in them. So if anyone knows of a 100% organic fertilizer that has all the needed trace elements let me know. even if you know of something i could get that only has the trace elements so i could just add that to fish emulsion and bat guano would be good.
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    Nevermind. I looked on google and found this stuff called azomite. Its volcanic dust that has like 60 different minerals and trace elements and is 100 percent organic out of the ground. people use it as a diet supplement so it should be pretty safe and its used on plants too. supposedly itll keep the bugs away but i dont count on it. so ill just mix that with some happy frog shit i think. AZOMITE it is. Thanks for readin
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    The Fox Farms nutrient trio have all the micro's you'll need. Grow Big and Tiger bloom contain base and micronutes for their respective phases, and the Big Bloom is a catalyst that compliments them both. If using the FF products, go to their website and download their weekly feeding schedule. (the link is in my signature)

    Plus, if you are using FF, there's no worries that you are throwing your monies away adding crap that's unnecessary. Besides my water ph adjuster (phosphoric acid) some humic acid, and some late-flowering stage molasses...all I use is the Fox Farms family of products. (the trio and Cha Ching) But I'm not a believer in the 'organics' myths and I'd use Miracle Grow before using those expensive organics.
    Use extreme care if/when using the Cha Ching, it's powerful strong.

    Be wary when buying 'miracle' growth formulas...there's a lot of snake oil salesmen out there and they are targeting your wallet. Often at the expense of your plant health and development. There's no such thing as "miracle" formulas, but some of those products can harm your ladies.
    There's likely a reason you don't see all the members in here touting Azomite benefits. Perhaps checking the MSDS on the stuff would offer a clue...(available on their website)
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    Slow an steady wins the race

    I know its not the quickest way to go but for next years grow you could try vermiculture/worm composting,that way you know exactly what goes into it.take a look at How to Make Your Own Worm Compost System - wikiHow ,your plants will thank you.:jointsmile:
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    i have used azomite and it is not something you just hap-hazardly apply...it can mess your ph levels up if used excessivly...about a 1/4 teaspoon per gallon containor is about the safe ratio for AZOMITE...so don't plan on it being your fix for nutrients through the entire grow! ;)
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    Hi stra8. How's it hangin'? Just curious...what nutrients you use?

    The ph issue was the major downside I noticed on the MSDS from the Azomite website.
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    good...getting back in the swing the things :jointsmile:

    i only used it in a few grows and it was hard to get evenly mixed in the soil batch creatung ph issues in certain pots and none in others...so i am using the excess on my lawn each year!

    i am testing the House and Garden line right now on this flower run as it is a fairly simple formula....but i have been using the Botanicare Pure Blend Pro,Kushie kush for 6 weeks then Overdrve, Bud Candy, Hygrozyme, Rhino skin(ph up).....i hate how AN makes a bazillion products that are microscopically different but makes it sound like you need them all! I have heard good things about the H&G line and it is fairly simple so i am anxious to see how it performs!:D
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    So i was right about the it messing up ph?
  10. stra8outtaWeed

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    yes...it has to be used lightly and it is not for the inexperienced! :thumbsup:

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