1000w HPS covers an area of?

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by tekneeqs, Dec 14, 2006.

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    Just a quick question. What is the space to be used with a 1000w HPS light?

    I'm asking because I was wondering how much of these lamps I'd need to cover a space of 11x10.
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    a space that big would need 4-6 lamps i believe they do a 3x3 area

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    I ALSO HAVE A 1000W MH IN A 3.5'X6' VEG ROOM.

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    it kinda depends on what type of hood or reflector your using .
    are you trying to grow the entire 11 x 12 or is that just the rooms dimensions ? thinking big is cool but leave yourself enuf room to move around n work . my rooms 11 x 12 too and w/ cooltubes i think i can cover about a
    6 x 10 ft. aera effectivly .
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    Stop what your doing and read this and remember. I messed around trying to get more production out of my 1000s. After reading some threads saying their 1000s were at 10 inches and 18 inches I lowered mine. Also pumped up nutes to 1400ppm from 1200....End result fan leaves burned as fuck!
    Did some research...If you have a good reflector you light should never be closer that 3 ft. It is pointless you have all the lumens you plant can take. Raise your hood and get better diffusion from refracted light and a larger footprint. 1000s are rated for 6x6 area. I use 4x4 tubs and the plants end up at 5x5. I use PL lights that have incredible coverage and light distribution. under the center of the light reads the same foot candle readings as the corner of the grow area.
    If you feel like burning your plants lower your lights.

    Disclaimer..you could run more airflow & keep the room cooler & keep nutes lower than normal & shut off Co2....etc but why? Your plants want uniform lighting and that is achieved through distance and refraction. That is an argument for running "less effecient" 1000s instead of 600s.

    Drawback...height restrictions...

    Good luck friends.. -J
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    in general most will cover a 4 by 4 or 4 by 5 area effectivly but it does vary with different reflectors as per the light being 3 ft away from the plants that is to far away, and while you should make use of refracted light by using mylar or something similiar on the walls.
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    i flowre w/ a 1k HPS in a 4x4 (feet) area
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    The buds that are grown with a light 12 inches away from the canopy look nothing like the buds that are grown at 36 inches away..

    If you can not keep the temp down or cool the canopy then raising your lights may be your only HOPE...

    But if you want forearm sized buds and actually get your monies worth from your electricity bill, the lights often need to be no higher than 12-18 inches...

    A 1000 watt HPS with no C02 should yield 2lbs... This requires adequate ventilation and perfect light proximity..

    A 1000 watt bulb can do a great job on a 3 X 3 grow space....

    After that, the lumens are being compromised...

    and NOW you KNOWM

    attached are 2 pictures of a grow room with 2 - 1000 watt HPS bulbs on a light mover that are never more than 4 inches from the canopy...


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    Knowm, Why the hatchet zip-tied to the 2x4 with tape on the blade?
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    I have a 1kw in a cool tube only like 12 inches above the tops of my plants. I just had to raise it to 18" tho, since the plants are bigger. Only 4 plants under my 1kw......that will change next time. 4 big plants tho, 2.5 months of veg w/ lots of LST'ing :)
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    not positive but i think he uses it for balance?...could be wrong
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    I 100% disagree with this statement. Every single ounce of my experience and everything I have been taught has shown me that you cannot go above 12" (16 if your having major heat issues that you just cannot solve right now). But 3 feet? Are you out of your mind?

    2 identical rooms. One with lights 12" above the canopy. One with lights 36" above the canopy. Are you actually going to still say that the room with the lamps 36" above the canopy is going to produce the SAME amount of yield and JUST as big of nugs? No, your not...and if you do then your speaking from internet research and not personal experience.

    In my opinion and from my own experience, you never want more then a 4x4 area on a 1000 watt. Me personally? I think you should never even go past 3x3 area. If your having trouble with burning your plants, then its not an issue of the lights being to close. Its an issue of you not providing proper ventillation, proper temperatures, proper circulation, and proper nutes. I let my plants get within 4" of my 600 digitals and they do not burn. If you want to go for a ton of smaller buds that will end up weighing less then by all means, lift the lamp way up to light more area. But you are drastically lowering lumens at an exponential rate and your losing watts/square foot and lumens/square foot.

    In the 80s people lit 8x8 areas with a 1000 watt. This is the 21st century. :D

    PS. Wanted to add that a lot of "ratings" are not for growing our specific plant of choice. When your growing peppers and tomatoes, its not nearly as much of an impact (but still an impact none the less) to have the light much farther away for a larger area. Also...if you get the light close and you dont like the light spread, then get a different hood that spreads it out more so you can utilize it better without losing lumens.
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    BOO YAH!
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    yes... not my grow... just one I filmed.. I would use a wrench.. not a hatchet.. LOL
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    I also want to say that CALI is a great guyt that gives GREAT advice and although are comments may seem opposing they really are just different growing styles..

    BY NO means am I RIGHT...
    nor am I wrong...


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    I am with Jorge on this one...Sorry guys :0(

    Aww thx Gnome...

    Ok....suckas, so you have inspiried me to once again check my fact on this one. In the interest of passing around reliable information I want to explain exactly where I got my info and let folks decide which info is more reliable. I also want to know if I am missing something?

    OK...Jorge Cervante's "Marijuana Horticulture the indoor/outdoor medical growers bible" Is the best book I have read on the subject of MJ. I don't think anyone that has read this book would say the information is not reliable. The facts are given and he explains why things are the way they are.(can you tell I like this book?) Anyway... Page 179 gives exact specs on how much light is distributed to your plants.

    The assumption is 140,000 lumens output by a 1000 watt bulb.(The Solarmax I use is rated at 147,000) The data shows that at 1 foot you get the full 140,000 l and it decreases as you get farther away. In a 16 foot area you get 62.5 watts/sqft which is arguably as much as is productive and you have reached diminishing returns. The line I was interested in was the 10,000 lumen line. Many say that 5500 lumens is the most MJ can use but Jorge and some others I have read say 9-10k lumens is max. The 1000 watt bulb delivers 10,000.....at 4ft away!!!! not 3 but 4 so anything over this is going to be overkill.

    On page 177 notes about coverage and distance are given. It says that a 1000 watt bulb "delivers enough light to illuminate a 6x6 area well" Mr Cervantes goes on to make the point that anything closer than a distance of 24 inches and you risk burning foliage.

    Page 187 details a "reflective hood study" that Jorge Cervantes did himself. Blacking out the entire room and creating a grid on the floor he took light reading at each intersecting grid point. The data he gathered revealed much variation in light intensity using different reflective hoods. The data did show that a good hood delivers 10,000 lumens in a wide pattern confirming his previous data.

    I like this book because the information is not only presented but how the information was gathered is presented as well. On these boards many opinions are given without any attention being paid as to where the info comes from.

    My opinion is formed from the data in this book as well as my own experience of burning my plants pretty bad after reading here that growers are putting their hoods at 10-18 inches. I lowered my PL air cooled sealed hoods to 15 inches and did the ever popular back of the hand test. I hung my humi/thermo meter at canopy height and kept the temp at 85-87 degrees because I'm running Co2. This setup began to curl leaf tips and burn entire leaves in 2 days. I didn't think the lamp would burn the plants if it was cool enough but it was burning them on a cellular level. Boiling and burstion the cells in the leaves. I moved the light and the leaves continued to brown and shrivel for 2 days as the ruptured cells dried up. (sad story huh? It's OK if you cry:D )

    Sooo It seems to me that variations in setups could be the reason that our view differ on this guys. I don't know if you are using budget equipment but what I know for certain is that with PL hoods and Solarmax bulbs you can definitly have your lights at 36 inches and achieve a larger useable footprint. If you listen to my homie Jorge you can get 6x6. There is a question of penetration that still remains though.

    I am interested to hear how you guys came to your conclusions about the topic. I will never stop learning and if there is something new out there I want to Gnome about it. Gnome? Stylus? RacerX? You have the conch;)

    BTW- Jorge Cervantes advocates using 600 watt lights rather than 1000 to get better coverage for less dough. 600 watt lights allow you to lower your hoods closer to the canopy and save headroom.

    Peace and Love in the quest for truth- Jay
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    there is lots of things that will affect lumens even glass in a cool tube or sealed reflector reduces lumen output, but at the same time it allows you to have the lights closer to the plants, even in a air cooled reflector without glass you should be able to keep the light no further than 2 ft away from the tops of the plants.
    it is all about penetration really lets say you are adequetly lighting the top of the plant at 3 ft away what about the rest of the plant seeing how you can take a just rooted clone and thow it into flowering and still end up with a plant well over 1 foot tall thats if you grew sog what if you veged for a while and had your plants end up at about 3 ft tall are you going to get good light penetration with the light 3 ft above the tops no you will not.
    in your original post you sayed you bumped up your nutes wich is probably what caused your leaves to curl instead of the lights being lowered.
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    Whenever I walk past a BUSH I notice that not even the almighty sun can penetrate past 1 inch of dense foilage.. the center of the bush is always dark and has zero leaves..


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