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  1. Deville-M

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    Anybody tried 1000W leds on Amazon or Ebay? I found 1000W King leds, MarsII1600led, 1000W Bestva , how should I tell their difference?
  2. Buds Buddy

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    Hi Deville, I've bought several different LED lights off Amazon & Ebay. A lot of them are made pretty crappy. The LED's are OK. It's the electrical components & wiring that's not good. I had a couple quit working after a couple months so I opened them up & the wiring & power switches were all melted. Good thing it didn't catch fire. Because of that happening I went out & bought 2 Fire Extinguishers.
    The Mars II is a pretty good light. The Bestva I seen rated as 1 of the best 10 cheaper lights. Don't know about King LED's. Just don't mistake a King LED for a KIND LED. The Kind LED is a good one. Anyone of the Platinum LED are real good. I use 2 600 Watt Meizhi LEDs along with a Vanq 4 light Red Cob, 2 Kessil Lighting Red COBS, & 8 Blue / Red LED Spotlights for side lighting. No shady spots in my 4' x 8' x 7' tent. I paid $145 each for the Meizhi LED's & they have been great (same people who make Spider Farmer & another name brand LED). I could get away with just using the 2 Meizhi's but I'm trying to get more than 5 oz. off each plant so I added the COB Lights for this grow. 5 oz. is the best I've done in the 1.5 years I've been doing this.

    Anyway, Weezard is the guy to talk to about technical LED questions. That guy knows LED's inside & out & builds all his own lighting. Not sure how long you've been growing; but if not long.....listen to what Weezard & Emelia & Iridium have to say. They are really good at this & I learned from them. Weezard can teach you how to use every drop of your plant to make different things & how to make good wine while feeding your plants Co2 from the same set-up. That's besides his vast knowledge of LED's. Em has been doing this so long she's almost a Pioneer. She knows her shit. Iridium works at a grow facility & knows his shit also.

    Hope this helps. I don't use this site very much anymore because it's not secure / encrypted. You can be tracked on this site. Besides, I've been doing Auto-Flowers lately & they don't have an autoflower section here so I use "The Autoflower Network or IC Mag". Always 100 + people on line at any given time so I get answers in less than an hour usually. Here.....well I waited days, weeks or never got an answer. Just a heads up.
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    Pshaw! I'm just futzin' around over here.
    I agree on your other endorsements though.

    The Magical Growth LED array looks like it's the same manufacturer as Da Kind but it has a far superior set of programmable timers and better spectral makeup.
    The vendor designed it from information he found on this site.
    Gave me one to test.
    So far, I'm very impressed.

    C.U. on ICMag.

    Aloha ,
  4. Deville-M

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    Thanks for your patient and professional reply Buds Buddy. You are very very helpful for me.
    I am very happy to hear your plants like your leds, hope good luck and harvest are always around you.
    I saw Mars Hydro published their new light Mars SP and Mars TS leds, if I try any of them, I think I will never have wiring trouble. This two series lights ' structure is very simple, what's more they are ETL, CE listed, so I think they are very safe to use.
    I noticed many growers are talking about white leds this year, maybe it will become main trend of leds market soon
  5. Deville-M

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    Thanks for helping me Weezard, you are always popular on this site.
    May I know if you try any white leds? such as Fluence, Gavita led, Mars SP series white leds? I heard their spectrum is more efficient than blurple leds
  6. Weezard

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    "I heard their spectrum is more efficient than blurple leds"
    Dunno where you "heard" that, but I'd suggest that you listen in a different direction. :)

    To turn blurple into white we add green. Green spectrum is very low efficacy for most plants but especially for cannabis.
    Blurple is a combination of the two most efficiently absorbed bands of PAR light.
    Adding less efficient bands, even allowing for the Emerson effect, does not make a better grow light.

    Do some reading and thinking on the subject and you may agree.
    In theory, blurple is the most cost effective.
    In practice?
    Well the proof is in the budding.
    50 Watts of blurple can grow 4 plants to 3 feet in veg.
    Try that with 50 Watts of white leds, yah?

    Been using blurple for a decade now and have found nothing to match the results. Tried white leds of course and found them disappointing. They work only slightly better than CFLs.
    The quartz plasma lights have a close match to the solar spectrum yet turned out to be crappy grow lights.

    And the white leds do not allow you to play with the color ratio.
    Playing with the color ratio affects plant morphology and pistil production.

    If your electricity cost is low, just crank up the watts and use HPS.
    Our rates are exorbitant, so low efficacy is not an option. :(

    Aloha and 2 cents,

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