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Discussion in 'Growing Information' started by killfrenzi, Jul 5, 2008.

  1. killfrenzi

    killfrenzi Registered+

    I was thinkin about using the 12/12 light schedule from sprout? Or about 7 days after?

    I know there is a thread on the subject somewhere but I cant seem to find it. If you could send me in the right direction or give me some advice on the subject that would be sweet!

  2. Revanche21

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  3. GreenLeaf420

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    12/12 from seed? How many seeds? Sounds like a waiste of a good bean to me!!! What are the Pro's

    Well Good Luck GL
  4. the image reaper

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    there are NO pros to going 12/12 ... it is done only by 'growers' that have no patience, and expect miracles (the 'I want it all, and I want it now' mindset) ... can you do it ?, sure you can, it's your plant ... and, you will wind up with a very small plant with very small buds ... it will give you a preview of what the plant 'could' be, but primarily, it is the yield which will suffer badly ... (it's not nice to fool Mother Nature :D) ... :jointsmile:
  5. killfrenzi

    killfrenzi Registered+

    Its just an experiement. I have 2 fully grown girls under 12/12 now for the last 4 days. Thats why I was wonderin. I wanted to start a few more seeds and after about a week of sprout throw em in with the rest. I will have a decent yield already, about 1.5 lbs off these 2 plants. I am basicly jus wantin to see what happens. :D
  6. Testament

    Testament Registered+

    1.5 LB off two plants?
    thats a lot to expect, even off optimal growing conditions. In an outdoor grow definetly...

    12/12 is ok, but not optimal....my friend did it last year and it worked, but the plants could have been better. granted there were other mitigating circumstances...

  7. hudson88

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    There's a few thread's on 12/12 from seed, i read a few of them a couple of weeks ago. It seems that there are a couple of areas when it might be useful with the correct strains but in the main you'll only knock a couple of weeks off your grow and you probably won't get over an oz of bud per plant and may well get less than a half oz, so it's pretty inefficient.

    Good luck tho if you go ahead with it, let us know how you get on.
  8. Revanche21

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    some 12/12 grows Ive found

    all are at different stages of growth

    Pro seems to be you get almost no horizontal growth

    (Might work great with SCROG?)

    Good for microgrowers, pressed for space
    cuts down on electric bill

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  9. Weedhound

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    best of luck guys
  10. Weedhound

    Weedhound Registered+

    killfrenzi that other 12/12 thread is under Advanced Techniques.....god knows why because it's simply lazy growing imo....not a technique at all.

    Revanche.....your quote by George Bernard Shaw about cynasism fits this situation perfectly.

    And I'd like to see the grow log from the cup grow.
  11. Revanche21

    Revanche21 Registered+

    Ill start it sometime in the end of july or august
    look forward to it!
  12. killfrenzi

    killfrenzi Registered+

    Ill post my 12/12 from seed log Starting 2marow eve.
  13. oldmac

    oldmac Registered+

    I posted this on the other 12/12 thread;

    12/12 from seed works very well with most sativas, as a matter of fact it is the only way I would grow sativa. (guess I'm lazy besides being old)
    Sativa typically is a equatorial plant, it NORMALLY grows with a 12/12 photoperiod (or pretty close). Keep in mind it is usually very intense light, but it is only for about 12 hours a day.

    Now Indicas' present a different deal, and I have not experimented with too many from seed at 12/12. But again think about this; ever start cuttings for just a few days, then banged them into 12/12. Most indicas' do just fine with that, in fact many people grow just like that or maybe a few more days veg. With great results I might add. I believe you get the most from your lights (regardless of type) by growing many small plants as opposed to a few large plants, but that's me.
  14. blazedtexas

    blazedtexas Registered+

    i was thinking of trying something like this out when i do ill post a grow log link from here. what u guys think about me growing a ww and then taking clones and as soon as they are rooted and safe throw in 12/12 from start.
  15. killfrenzi

    killfrenzi Registered+

    Actually you would prolly have better results, like yield and potency if you went 12/12 from clone rather than sprout.

    Well I have started my 12/12, and so far so good. Im sorry I cant post pics, well I could but they wouldnt be of any quality. I am just gon wait til I get my girls camera.

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