12/12 Light Cycle From Seed

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by melodious fellow, Jan 10, 2008.

  1. melodious fellow

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    Anyone else experimented or heard of this method? I heard of this on another forum, and after thorough research, it seems to be an interesting way to grow and one that greatly benefits micro growers or others concerned with space/stealth.

    Feedback anyone?
  2. bowl

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    can i start my seeds under 12/12?

    I just got my Skunk Classic seeds back from Flying Dutchmen.

    I have an 4'X4'X8' grow room,which i'm using to flower

    some bag seed on 12/12 light schedule...it really smells and

    looks great ,so i want to give them a couple more weeks to fully

    mature....My question is can i start my new Skunk seeds under

    my 12/12 light,for just a couple weeks,til finish bag seed

    finishes then switch to 24/0 for remaining veg period? Will it

    stunt thier ,or lower potentcy? Thanks for any advice:thumbsup:
  3. stinkyattic

    stinkyattic CultiModerVatorAtor

    It's really not recommended. It will stress them. Especially in the vulnerable seedling stage, constant light schedule and temperature are important.
    Since you only need a couple more weeks, it's not big thing to stick a couple CFLs somewhere like in the bathroom where you can leave the lights on 24/0 until the grow chamber is available again. Hint, it takes about a week between wetting the seeds and seeing them emerge from the soil, so you REALLY only need a spot for a week or so.
  4. Opie Yutts

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    It makes them really take off and try to pump out the buds instead of worrying about vegetation so much. Done a lot in SOG styles. And yes, it is especially helpful in cramped spaces.
  5. twitch

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    thats actually what i am kinda trying now i ma vegging the for 10 days then put them in flowering
  6. Opie Yutts

    Opie Yutts Registered+

    Cool, let us know how it turns out.
  7. bowl

    bowl Registered+

    Can I 12/12 light full grow???

    Hi All

    I have just one quick question. Why can't i just grow on a 12/12

    schedule from seedling stage to flower phase? In nature there is no

    24/0 light period. In my part of the world,at best we'll have 12

    hour long days in the summer....anyone ever tried to just leave

    thier lights on a 12/12 all the time??? please help me out with

    this question...THANKS!!
  8. keeko

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    as stinky said, it will stress your plants out at an early stage...........and you can start off from 12/12, but its not recommended.
  9. melodious fellow

    melodious fellow Registered+

    It's going great!

    I just saw this question in another post and after much research and my own experimentation was able to answer the 12/12 question much more thoroughly than when I explained it here earlier. So I shall repost it here:

    12/12 from seed is a naturally brilliant way to grow!

    The goal of the indoor grower is to replicate the plant's natural environment, a key point many professional growers often overlook in their quest for everything bigger, better, faster, etc.

    12/12 from seed has many benefits, such as higher female ratios (reported by numerous growers upon switching to 12/12, and that being the only variable changed)

    Also, the plants root structures are able to develop much more thoroughly during the dark period. There are also numerous reactions that occur in plants only during times of darkness.

    Yes, 24 hour lighting may produce growth "faster," but not always better. 24 hour lighting can and often does cause plants some stress, as does the sudden switch to 12/12 when one is ready to flower. With 12/12 from seed, the plant experiences the same light its entire life, experiences no stress in changing its environment, and flowers automatically, whenever the plant is ready. This is important.

    By using 12/12 from seed, your plants will enjoi a healthier life, the natural way, while you save on your electricity bill.

    This would be an excellent sticky, as there seems to be little awareness of the 12/12 experience!

  10. 88888888

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    ~So you are saying that if you start your seeds in 12/12 they will not flower straight away, only when they are ready... how long is that? I have a picture in my head of plants finished with 2 grams of bud on em!:D
  11. PharmaCan

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    Ya know, when you read stuff where people want to take conventional wisdom and turn it upside down because they "heard this" or "read that", you have to ask yourself, "If this is such a great method, why aren't these clowns growing with these methods instead of just flappin their jaws about what they heard?"

    PC :smokin:
  12. PharmaCan

    PharmaCan Registered+

    The problem here is that you are not talking about the 12/12 "experience", you are talking about the 12/12 "scuttlebutt". There's a big difference between the two. Do a couple of 12/12 grows, post the results and then you can talk about "experience".

    12/12 from the git-go may be the greatest thing since sliced bread. But, at this point, you really don't know if it works or not.

    PC :smokin:
  13. Fencewalker

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    Since we seem to be cross posting...Here is my reply from the other thread:
    Well, don't know about you but that ain't my goal in the least. I am looking to improve on the plant's natural environment, not replicate it. I don't want to grow indoors for 5-6 months. I want to finish in 3 or 4. As well, anybody growing hydroponically is not replicating the plant's natural environment, since cannabis doesn't grow in a nutrient rich lake in nature. ;)
    I have not heard this.
    Cannabis is a C3 plant. Photosynthesis occurs during the lighted times and it does not need any dark period. The more light the plant has, the longer the period of photosynthesis.

    For instance, I grew 12/12 from seed with AK47 X Soma #10 and it did not flower for over a month, but it also didn't grow very much at all (due to lack of light, which equals short time for photosynthesis). So, I didn't save any time (one reason why some folks try 12/12 from seed) and I really screwed myself on yield.

    Another grower I know did 12/12 from seed with Northern Lights and it started flowering right away. His experience was low yield and since the plants flowered before reaching maturity (alternate nodes), he described the high as much lighter and shorter than his mature flowered NL's. <shrug>

    Since unless you are growing on the equator there isn't any place where 12/12 through all phases of the grow is natural, the view that this is replicating nature is false. ;)
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  14. Opie Yutts

    Opie Yutts Registered+

    I agree with Fencewalker that I am not trying to duplicate outdoor growing conditions. If I were, my plants would be dead at this time of year. Outdoor plants have to spend energy searching for food. I don't want that. I force feed them through immediately available nutrients in the root zone, and through the stomata of the leaves when I foliar feed (another thing that doesn't happen outdoors). Also I do not want to reproduce the 100 degree, or 40 degree temperatures that are outdoors, since both severely slow growth. I also don't want my plants to have to be stressed with pests and acid rain like they do in their "natural" environment.

    I am not reproducing natural growing methods. I am taking the things that are known to be needed by MJ plants, and improving on them or maximizing them as cannot be done in natural growing environments.

    I find it very hard to believe that eliminating veg periods produces more females. I've heard it before, but nobody can show me. Show don't tell. Anyway, what ever happened to trying to duplicate outdoor growing conditions?

    An MJ plant is never "ready to flower". It does exactly what it's told by the sun (or lights) and will only start flowering when the sun or the master tells it to. If the master wishes, this could be immediately upon sprouting or several years after sprouting.

    The 24/0 debate continues. Most people who have tried both 24/0 and 18/6 contend that 24 hr lighting inhibits root growth. Regardless of what number "C" the MJ plant is, many people have reported that their plants seem to do better with at least a little dark period. Anyway, I can find arguments and reports either way. Do a side by side experiment and decide for yourself.

    One thing cannot be argued: the longer you veg the higher the yield, unless you don't do things right, like let the plant get root bound. You can eliminate veg completely and get fewer buds sooner, or veg for awhile and get more buds later. Kinda evens out either way.
  15. PharmaCan

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    Opie - a guy over at IC did comparison grows with about six different veg cycles from 24/0 to 18/6. The best results were with 20/4.

    I've got a new scrog vegging on 20/4 - I had 2"-3" growth in the last 24 hours.

    PC :smokin:
  16. Opie Yutts

    Opie Yutts Registered+

    Crap. Struck down.

    Well not really, I saw some side by side studies that showed fastest growth was with 4 or 5 hours dark I think.

    My mother room right now is 24 hour lighting just to see if I can notice any kind of difference. It's been that way for about 5 months. This and everything in my experience has shown me not much difference either way. But that's just me.

    I sure hope my mothers don't grow 3" per day. Nice going PC.
  17. stinkyattic

    stinkyattic CultiModerVatorAtor

    Cannabis grows, flowers, and dies based on season.
    It determines season based on day length.
    Summer days are longer and summer nights are shorter than 12 hours.
    Days start getting shorter after June 21st.
    When you grow a plant at 12/12 from seed, you are stressing it into thinking 'oh shit it's fall already, and I missed my opportunity to breed'... what happens to a stressed cannabis plant that is trying to make seeds before it dies?
    You all know the answer to this one.
  18. gainesvillegreen

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    God bless misinformation huh?
  19. melodious fellow

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    Perhaps the hippy side of myself overtook my normal scientific nature..

    I read this fantastic article about the 12/12 experience and shortly after started my own 12/12 experiments. My plants seem to be doing so well, I though I would share with everyone...

    But perhaps I am too quick to promote this, as my experiment is not yet concluded, but the guy in this articles is and he had fantastic results.

    Enjoi: International Cannagraphic Magazine Forums - 12/12 From Seed: A Different Way To Grow

  20. melodious fellow

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    We might as well delete this thread, since it has moved, but I'll post the update here that I posted over there as well. But after this, lets just all post on the other thread http://boards.cannabis.com/indoor-growing/146914-12-12-light-cycle-seed.html#post1794280

    So yea, reply to this at the thread above and keep organized

    Don't be so quick to judge as mis-information. You all doubted Coelho about increasing the potency through decarboxilation and many tried it and were pleasantly surprised (myself)

    In the below post is the link to an article on 12/12 that inspired me to try it.

    Perhaps the hippy side of myself overtook my normal scientific nature..

    I read this fantastic article about the 12/12 experience and shortly after started my own 12/12 experiments. My plants seem to be doing so well, I though I would share with everyone...

    But perhaps I am too quick to promote this, as my experiment is not yet concluded, but the guy in this articles is and he had fantastic results.

    Enjoi: International Cannagraphic Magazine Forums - 12/12 From Seed: A Different Way To Grow


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