12/12 or 10/14 for flowering

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by altwnyguy73, Jan 26, 2005.

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    Could you be more specific?
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    Old thread but i have good info on this i used to do 12/12 the fact of the matter is that for me on this current strain 10/14 gives me a yield so similar to 12/12 chance cannot be ruled out were talking 3.5% reduced yeild over the previous 12/12 grow same veg time etc. Remember electricity consumed by the light was reduced by 16% not to mention ventalatin a.c etc.
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    I would say it is strain specific. Some tropical strains don't like to start flowering unless the dark period is longer than 12 hours. With indicas you may get better growth and more flowers with less than 12 hours of dark.
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    Look at the flowering times the breeder puts on a strains description. They put a indoor time and a outdoor cycle time. For the outdoor harvest time they use a date such as October... If you calculate the weeks for the outdoor time you will see it's considerably longer. This is because the inductive photoperiod is gradual .not jumping from 18/6 to 12/12 over night. The total flowering weeks is longer and in most. Areas the light hours never go below 14 a day. As the light decreases more and more outdoor s the flowering becomes more intense. I've started plants indoor In December moved outside when weather permitted, using a 1000 watt metal halide to cover an entire area of 50 feet by 30 feet just to maintain vegetation growth. Keep them from flowering and it worked. When we reached summer solstice I pulled the plug on the metal halide dropping from 18/6 to 14.5 over night. Flowering triggered instantly and initiated full force . Now 8 weeks from June 21 is the last week of August however. The breeder say s it's ready September 21. That's 12 weeks. These were ready end of August
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    A rapid change in photoperiod causes a more desperate situation for the plants
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    I've been using 11 on /13 off for the past two years. (indoors)

    It works as well as 12/12 using 1000 watt HPS or MH.
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    Plants are nice man! Wish mine will as good as yours soon:D
    Now I'm using mars cob light, now my plants are about 42 days from seed.

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