125W cfl, flowering, need help! (pix)

Discussion in 'Closet / Cabinet Growing' started by rsampson187, Dec 8, 2006.

  1. rsampson187

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    125w cfl (veg spectrum, not full spectrum) (1/6 x 1.4ft screen, ~2.5 sq ft)
    Started this organic soil scrog a long time ago. using seperate pure blend organic ferts for veg and bloom.
    1 white widow up front, 1 blueberry in back.
    Vegged until screen was about full.
    in 5th week of flowering now
    you can see in pic that light is almost directly over buds. temp @70 all day.

    cut off many fan leaves that were blocking light 3 weeks ago.
    about 40 bud sites now, all even canopy.
    buds look stunted (no growth in 2 weeks)
    buds look small. i can't imagine them yeilding anything at this point.

    maybe they are experiencing root bound?
    or did removing fan leaves stunt growth?
    perhaps the light is not powerful enough?

    was thinking about putting 250w hps over them and in new soil pots and letting them burst with size. (250w because next time will go bigger even if this is overkill for only 2 plants) but is there a limited "flowering time" that we will run up against? how long to keep flowering?

    don't want to buy a new light set up just yet unless it will pay off.

    what to do?

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  2. rsampson187

    rsampson187 Registered

    the pots are 8.5" diameter
    8" high.
    volume= 2 gallon pots.

    pix here of pots.

    but thats besides the point now.

    lets say i put them in bigger pots and put under a big hps. will they flower good or is it too late?

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  3. cactusman23

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    I'm not too sure about transplanting at this point, but I'm more than sure thats its been done by many growers. Maybe putting a reservoir under the pots and fill it with water and run an airpump with with airstones. I did that with my grow with the 8" pots and it helped big time, but for some reason I stopped using them and my plants just plain stopped growing. Looking back that was a huge mistake on my part, but I learned from it.
  4. Volker

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    Patience, young grasshopper!

    I've seen it many times where it "stalls" for a few weeks. Just wait. (I know it`s furstrating) Most varieties put on over half their weight in the final 2 weeks.

    If it's been a 2 week stall, look for lots of trichomes sometime in the next week or so, then a growrth spurt.
  5. Perp

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    Looking good so far, healthy and nice canopy. The pots are plenty big enough for the size of your light. Repotting so far along in flowering will do more harm than good. Besides, how are you going to untangle them from your screen? Your buds are small because your light is small. Definately get the 250hps in there; use both lights if possible.
  6. bejay

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    they should fill out a little more you still have a while to go 2-3 weeks wouldnt really do anything right now, but a hps light and slightly larger pots would help your yield alot on your next grow.
    wouldnt even attempt to repot a scrog at this point if you had a 250 hps it would probably be worth it to put over them now if you could keep the temps within range.
  7. rsampson187

    rsampson187 Registered

    harvest or fert burn?

    here are some pix of up to date.
    the ladies have been flowering since early november (~12 weeks) under a 125w cfl. the cfl is taking the longest time to bloom.

    here are current pix of bloomage.

    you can see the bud up front is white widow and the rear is blueberry.
    the blueberry's leaves are going yellow as if they're loosing Nitrogen. the ww's leaves are turning brown and shriveling up burnt. plus the buds are huge masses of dry material. i'm worried that it is time to harvest. how can i tell it is time to harvest? what is wrong with these plants?
    you can see leaf discoloration in the pix.

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  8. doco

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    I feel bad for you but I'm not gonna be much help figuring out the problem. If the buds are just dried out masses, I'm guessing things are pretty bad I'm afraid. Have you checked for mites? It sort of looks like mite damage or mold to me but I've only seen it in other peoples pictures and I have limited personal experience.

    The grow sure did well for a single lamp. Hope you get it all sorted out.
  9. california

    california Registered

    its not mites your etneier under or over fertilizin or to less flush your containes and ad 1 /4 or if not raise the light they dont look like ther ready but i cant really see the buds well enough 70 -80 percent amber coler is when there ready to harvest hoped i helped
  10. Volker

    Volker Registered+

    umm... thinking out loud here... are both plants on the same nute schedule? Everything is the same between them?

    Different strains have different requirements, and react differently.

    Would you feed your Chihuahua and your Great Dane the same food? (to use a crude analogy) They're both dogs...
  11. OpJ

    OpJ Registered+

    What about trying to use a vaporizer. Just a idea. Not that type you smoke with the ones you use when your sick. Raising the humidity level might help.
  12. rsampson187

    rsampson187 Registered

    ferted them 2 days ago. then last night while the soil still wet flushed them good and let them sit. not sure what to think. yea, they are on the same nute schedule/amounts etc... ww and blue berry. i've never noticed any difference in response to feeding until now. the ww up front looks burnt and the bb in back looks like N deficiency. that's all i can figure out.
    how do i know when they are budded enough? hope its not mites and mold.
  13. bejay

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    they are probably done judging by how long they have been in flower you may of waited a little to long but you can check the trichromes with a magnifing glass to see what color they are and do a quick search on trichrome color and it should help you decide when to harvest.
    while it looks like your had some nute issues a small hps lamp would of helped bud growth alot.

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