12x12" micro grow.

Discussion in 'Grow Log' started by sharkfinz, Jan 20, 2008.

  1. sharkfinz

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    Hi everyone,

    OK in this grow there was a strict criteria to follow, factors included minimal use of electricity/ability to control odors/being discreet and having the ability to be mobile. Eventually it was decided that a foot square box would be built from plywood. It will use 57 watts of CFL (2x11watt 1x15watt 1x20watt) and all the materials used were recycled. The initial plan was to grow the plant onto a screen (scrog) but due to several issues the method is still undecided, this is the reason sharky's grow diary is being started early. :)

    The pots shown contain a seed each and each seed has been germinated via the tissue method. Unfortunately there can only be one plant grown in this minimal space and the strongest female will be selected.


    When the strongest plant has been chosen, it will be transplanted into an 8 inch pot and the pot will be under the grow box (need to cut circle in the bottom) so the pot doesn't eat into valuable space.


    Q's I have:

    Scrog or LST?
    12/12 from seed or veg?(if veg, how long?)

    Sharky understands that there are several issues with the initial parts of this grow, mainly concerning the plants sex; naturally this will have to be determined before any training can take place. Sharky is aware that there may be issues with shock when re potting a flowering plant but there seems to be no way around this (any ideas?). If the plant was to be grown onto a screen, would it be possible to train the plant around the full perimeter of the screen and then grow it diagonally across (total length about 5 foot horizontal)?

    For this first grow a nice easy LST is preferred but not sure if lack of space would be a factor.

    Comments and suggestions appreciated. :Rasta:
  2. beginerbuddah

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    honestly i cant see this working
    you would have to lst them almost as soon as the sprouted
    you can only realy just grow 1 plant and train it to the screen and just hope its female
    that little space will be like an ovan aswell
    ive grown in some pretty small spaces but this takes the biscuit
    i hope u find a way to pull it off mate :thumbsup:
  3. midlifecrisis

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    Well first off, good luck.

    It is possible to grow a decent plant around 12" tall using 12/12 from start to finish.
    I did it with white widow and yielded an ounce.

    You will want to make sure you can get your plant right up to the lights as I also have had a plant in 12/12 from seed that wound up over 2' tall. I did not have the lighting close enough and it stretched.

    If you veg first, how will you know if they are female? My guess is that by the time you get pre-flowers you will have used up your 12".

    I would go with 12/12 right off the bat and LST. if you are lucky and get preflowers early enough you may be able to wrap 2 girls in that space but that would be pushing it. also be wary of heat issues in a small space, evan with floros.
  4. Jerry Garcia 2007

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    Wish you the best of luck on this one. You are in a situation that can be a big waste of time if you end up with males ( I truly hope you have good luck and get a female right off the bat ) the only seamless way for this to work is to get a cloan, that dosen't appeare to be an option.
    Just an observation I have noticed while growing, your strongest and fastest growing from seed tends to be male.
  5. sharkfinz

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    First ever ganja plant (1/4). :eek::Rasta:


    She is sitting on the window sill currently, this OK?
    I was thinking starting 12/12 cycle tomorrow.

    Anyway, she is going to be LST'd rather than scrogged, so stay tuned. :Rasta:
  6. Jerry Garcia 2007

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    I understand what you are trying to do, if this works more power to you.

    As for going to 12/12 tomarrow your plant will think it is spring not fall and probably not go into flower.You need to keep it at 18/6 min for I guess a week or two or untill you have your first set of 7 finger leaves, even then it is not sexualy mature.
    You may want to look into a strain that is auto flowering like LOW RIDER. This strain is geneticaly designed for the conditions you have.

    You have to realize you are trying somthing that most of us never bothered trying, so you are not going to be able to get much advice with experiance behind it.
  7. Skrappie

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    I always enjoy watching micro grows.

    Anyone who has the skill to pull off smokeables in such "harsh" conditions would do very well in their own room. I will joyfully keep an eye on your grow.
  8. Skrappie

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    Also, As long as your window Sill does not get too cold. That would be the only thing i would worry about in that situation.

    There is nothing wrong with 12/12 from seed, But your plant is going to veg for about 2 weeks regardless, considering your space, i'd say thats a good idea.:thumbsup:
  9. sharkfinz

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    Day 2

    From the frail cotyledon yesterday to a strong one inch seedling at the end of day two. :thumbsup:


    As planned I started the 12/12 flowing process today with the plant very close to the CFL's. Unfortunatly the other three seeds have not started to sprout yet so if this remains the case I am relying on this single plant to be a female, fingers crossed.
  10. sharkfinz

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    OK I'm bored so I will post some pictures. :Rasta:

    Day 7 of life for my children, and as you can see I ended up with three seedlings out of four seeds. Though I know for a fact that the fourth seed deffinetly germinated because I saw the tap root, but it had been planted for over a week and no sign of life. I was worried that the soil was going to attract fungus so I dug the seed up to descover it had not progressed from a tap root which I thought bizarre. I did the naturally inquisative thing and popped the seed.. the smell was putrid! :( :wtf: God knows what happened but it was dead alright (any explanations here?).



    Can anyone explane why one is considerably larger than the other two?

    Anyway, stay tuned stoners. :thumbsup:
  11. cman20118ut

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    is this bag seed by any chance? that could partially be it, b/c with bagseed you get variable genetics even from the same original plant much like if you had a dog that had puppies...also it could be getting better light some how or it could be a male...there isn't any way to tell thus far
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  12. sharkfinz

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    Hi dude,

    No I bought the seeds fresh and they are the same strain so that can't be the reason for the difference and it's getting the same light as the other plants. I mean it did start sprouting a few days before the other seedlings, so that's a possibility. I will be keeping a close eye on it when it starts to flower as it deffinetly could be a male, though it is the star of the grow so far so I am taking good care of it.
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  13. bvrian

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    Good luck! The soil looks a bit compacted...you might want to add some verm or perlite to make it more airy.
  14. pinky27

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    I have a friend (who is also a member on these forums) who has a micro grow going right now. i believe the dimensions of his are like 18" x 6" but i will definitely keep my eyes on this thread.
  15. sharkfinz

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    Hey all,

    Grow is going OK, though the two smaller seedlings have hardly grow at all, I am still looking after them but I am relying on the largest seedling which is exactly 14 days old under 12/12 light and started showing what I believe to be pre flowers yesterday. I am not sure if the plants sex can be determined just yet but I will post a picture of it and see what others think.


    Anyone ID the sex?
    (pic edited to hide fingerprints btw..)
  16. zebulon

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    Those are not pre-flowers...takes a little longer, be patient...:thumbsup:
  17. sharkfinz

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  18. michaelpeg

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  19. scagster

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    I wouldn't worry about starting to check for preflowers until you get leaves that are at least 5 blades. You still got itty bitty babies. :smokin:
  20. CptnChronic

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    first off good luck with your micro. i think you could pull it off with some good fim and topping.

    how you were saying about having a seed germ but not sprout... i have had that happen to be before also. It was a MK seed. The only logical explanation i could come up was "mishandling of the seed when it was transplanted to the soil/grow medium." maybe that helps ya with that.

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