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Thread: HELP:May lose Harvested Bud to Mold/Spidermites

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    HELP:May lose Harvested Bud to Mold/Spidermites

    So i defiantly have some sort of mold. I harvested my plants, and let them dry for around 9 days. A bit long, but it had rained the last week of harvest. I Cut them for a bit, than in bags in mason jars. My parents freaked about the smell, so they sat in there 2 days, than when i look at them i saw little white spots, and when u separate the bud to see in it falls apart easily, and is a white fuzzy color, and if bad, the bud is brown, and danky looking (bad) I may put some pictures up, but i through out most of the bad bud. I think its powder mildew, but most guides speak of it on plants, but this is my harvested bud. So lam tiring to continue the curing processor's, and its only affecting one batch, so i left that one outside of the mason jar drying, for an extra 12 hours. But the thing is, its not like a wet moist mold, my bud is very dry, but still mold. I have it on paper, in the dark, in fairly cold temperatures, any tips on getting rid of it? Ive heard peroxide, but only on plants not on harvested bud. Also it may be spider mites, some of the mold looks like really small tight webs, and there are wat look like white eggs, but i havnt seen any spiders running in/around my bud yet. Anyway thanx Alot anything will give me hope, well be happily received, if pictures are wanted, i could go get some, but anyway comments would be fine thanx.


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    i have the same problem

    iv'e been curing for about four days in i checked my jar in notice a little mold in looked closer in notice small webs.... i took out the jar and i think i am just going to have to through it away... i never seen any bugs keep grow room really clean but notice this.... i am looking for help too so if you figure it out please share!!

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    it's not easy to do, but if you have mold, you have to throw it away ... smoking moldy bud can cause SERIOUS lung problems, it's just not worth the risk ... sorry to say

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    Spidermites do not infest cut buds, they like lush, green, living plants. The 'webbing' you are looking at is most likely the spreading fungus.

    Sad but true, the only place for buds as moldy as you describe is the bin.

    Definitely time to rethink how you are going to control noxious smells.
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