150W HPS or 100W LED Grow Bar

Discussion in 'Indoor Lighting' started by Italiano715, Sep 16, 2009.

  1. Italiano715

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    Posted this in another thread, but figured it would get answered faster through a new thread. :stoned:


    I'm in a little pickle. My grow space is 2x5x5 and I have a choice between a 150W HPS or a 100W LED grow bar.

    The specs on the grow bar are as follows:

    R: Wide range from 620-730nm
    B: 450-470nm
    X: Supposed "special" color

    Supposed to replace a 500W HPS, but in my mind that is doubtful. Obviously 150W puts out 16,000 lumen. So with that being said. Which one is a better pick for my situation?

    Oh, and I do plan on training them ScrOG.
  2. headshake

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    can you divide it in half and run each on it's own side?

    still waiting....lol.

  3. Italiano715

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    Well I figured, maybe the LED UFO or grow bar. Then supplement some CFL's here and there. Another reason I was thinking LED is because there is less heat. Which is a big plus for me.

    So, if I were to grow 2 FEM seeds out and trained them for ScrOG do you think that the UFO LED would be supplemental enough for my space.

    The picture below is my closet space. There is 21'" (I think that's the inches) more going to the left and another 21" going to the right of the closet in the picture. So it's more rectangular. Don't mind the mess. :D Getting it cleaned up for the upcoming grow. :)

    Maybe even thinking about going with two 40W Grow panels. Says it replaces a 120W HPS. IDK, so many choices!

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  4. headshake

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    go with with the LED bar and let us know how it works. we know what the HPS will do more or less.

    you have a UFO too or you are considering getting one?

  5. Italiano715

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    I'm considering getting a UFO also. LOL I want it all!
  6. headshake

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    there is nothing wrong with that! i want it all too. it just won't be happening anytime soon. one day though, one day.........

    hit me up already!

  7. Italiano715

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    LOL Sorry. I know. I've been having you on hold. Gotten kinda lazy! Need to run out of this BB so I can come back to reality. :stoned:

    Promise, soon!
  8. headshake

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    LMAO! i've been without recently so it' been all work! and i was wanted to talk to you about lighting. the other can wait.

  9. leduser

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    There were some LED plant bars that were like 10W each, I hope you don't mean those. They don't work at all, a complete rip off. The UFO isn't that great either. I've used the lightblaze (it's like a procyon) and these new lights from Haight Solid State. The Haight model 400 gives off twice as much light as the 90W UFO, and they have a 800 model if you need more.

    Most of the LEDs really need some CCFL, so a mix isn't a bad idea. The Haight lights have some white LEDs so added CCFL isn't required but it still might help.
  10. oldmac

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    Hey Italiano715,

    You know I love LEDs, but I really can't get excited about the led light bars, UFOs etc. The Haight solid state I have not seen in person, but from the wild claims made on thier site, I'd take a pass on that too.

    I have found only 2 off the shelf LED mfg that have not over claimed, Procyon 100 and the TI Pro-bloom and the TI Smart bars.

    You have tho a small space of rectangular dimensions (2x5) that creates a problem obtaining a good light "footprint". Plus that's a 10 sqft area you're trying to light. An 8 bulb T5 fixture would give you the light coverage and abt 4,000 lumens/sqft, but they don't run that cool either. The TI Pro-Bloom is very good for abt a 3'x3' area (9 sqft) but you would need to use a light rail in your situation.

    You got some more thinking to do before spending money, IMHO.
  11. Italiano715

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    Well cutting down space isn't an issue. I could always box it in tighter. Take away the extra 42" and down it to just the width of the door. There is always a way! :D

    LOL maybe I should just stick with CFLs a little longer! :D

    I could also still supplement some CFL in there just in case!

    Or, what do you think about supplementing some of those red party bulbs during flowering. I read/seen a log that uses some of them here and there. I'd love to hear some outside opinions! :D
  12. dustoxx420

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    You can never go wrong with a hps

    The led panels look tempting but unless u get a 300w panel the 1000w panel you will get slim lanky nuggs, the 16,000 confined in that closet will do you nice if u get a sun system 150w get a glass cover cuz i got a 1.5 foot by 1.7 foot space, its sealed confined and well aired it will give u solid dignified nug.

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