16x15 growroom help needed

Discussion in 'Growroom Setup' started by fresh718, Nov 26, 2015.

  1. fresh718

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    In a basement and need help dividing my growroom, and how many plants can i fit in my flower room using ebb&flow system. Also want to know which process is better indoors, soil or soiless.
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  2. redtails

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    You need to do some research. If you want someone to plan an entire grow like that you need to do it yourself or hire an expert.
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  3. fresh718

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    No i don't want them to plan the entire room, just want opinions.
  4. raymont

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    You would need to be more specific. First question you ask which one soil or soil less? after that choice then you can take the next step. With that said, hydro grows fastest, whether flood and drain or DWC. So what is your choice? MY OPINION is start simple with a small soil grow and get some learning under your belt.
  5. gardenermendo

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    16 x 15.... make two rows of tables with a walking space between. One might think they can overcrowd, but once plants get bugs or other problems, it becomes extremely difficult to get to the plants you need to get to (e.g. spray), And you'll want to lollipop and need space to reach underneath plants. If it's necessary to vent clean air,you'll need space for a large scrubber, and you'll need space for a barrel to mix your nutrients.

    If you know someone who is keen on flood and drain hydroponics, observe their setup thoroughly.

    I'd say go with soil. I've a good mentor who rescued someone who thought 'they knew better and grew hydro', and showed him how, with the same space and using soil, he'd get healthier plants, more bud, and easier to handle. Hydro is only for folks who have no access to soil. Keep in mind, when you're through with one grow, you have to have a place to take your used soil. Used soil can be placed back in regular vegetable gardens and mixed in.

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