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Thread: PH vs PPM Problem - HELP

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    Angry PH vs PPM Problem - HELP

    Getting my H2O down to 6.0 PH is raising my PPM by 325ppm !!! HELP PLEASE!!!

    I am using GH PH down. Can anyone recommend a PH down product that will not raise ppm so far. I am concerned about too much salts, too low nutes. THANKS

    Water (tap) 85ppm, 7.1 PH
    Temps are constant 70F H2O, 80F Air.
    GH 3 part nutes
    Hydroton grow medium (very well rinsed)
    I am running a 16 bucket DWC- 45 gal res -- 240 gal per min recirc. pump, 120 liter per min air pump (lots of bubbles), Water Farm drip collars on 20min off 20 min. 6.5" bucket lids, 5 gal buckets, 1k HPS Hortilux. 2 weeks into veg. White Widow & Gods Gift
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    I suggest you concern yourself with getting the pH correct, and let the ppm sort itself out ... find a different water source, perhaps ... for some weird reason, I couldn't get my ppm over 900 or so, (using Fox Farm nutes), unless I really went crazy with the dosages ... but, I guess the plants couldn't understand it, either, because they did just fine ... your GH nutes and 'pH Down' are quality products, I don't see any problem there ... good luck

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    Are you checking your ph after you mix your nutes? because you should be they will effect it.
    I'm back after a long break!!

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    what pete said for sure. GH ph down is really strong for me, strange you would have to add so much.

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    I would love to have that water. Take a gallon and PH it down then check the PPM's. Come back and let us know. I don't think it raises that much. GH nutes should buffer that water down to about what you want.



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