18 weeks of Flowering!!?

Discussion in 'Plant Problems' started by KayaKing, Sep 3, 2008.

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    Hi all,
    I'm a noob, but I know 18 weeks of flowering can't be good, or is it!? I'm growing in canna & soil, and I stopped feeding nutes 8 weeks ago, when I thought they would be almost ready (these clones have an ETA of 8-10weeks in a hydroponic set-up, so I guesstimated it might be 10-12 in soil). The reason I haven't picked them yet is because I see NO amber trichs.

    Finally I got a glimpse of amber on 1 last week (maybe 2-5% amber trichs) & chopped her down (photos attached of her at 2 & 3 months old - don't let the HPS light fool you!), while the others are creeping along, slowly going through their cycles. I usually get the finished product of these clones with 20-30% amber trichs, so should I call these a wash for seriously stressed plants & end their beautiful struggle, or stay patient & wait for amber trichs to show their face - some have almost no fan leaves left & I would hate to miss the peak harvest waiting for something that might come too late!?
    Your thoughts & comments are appreciated,
    Thanks! :wtf:

    PS - These plants have gone through the gambit of plant problems, but thanks to you kind peepl they are all still alive, so it could be anything from pH, to bad soil, to superthrive & nute burn problems - I wouldn't know where to begin!

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  2. Rusty Trichome

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    By the looks of it, they may not get any better. Serious leaf dry-out, and no/slow late-stage budswell could mean you're still having problems. Possibly from cutting-off the nutes...? I would also recommend watching them carefully when over-ripening, as this can cause nanners to form. (often hidden in the buds themselves)
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    My haze usually runs from 12-16 wks.......but at 16 wks.....there is no cloudy trics.....100% full amber.....pure couchlock....
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    Thanks Rusty,
    I think all signs point to you being absolutely right, I think nanners might soon be on the horizon (deep inside some of the top colas there are some early yellow signs, thought they were leaves curling & going yellow, but they could be early nanners), I'm on the look-out!

    No amber Trichs yet killa! Plus I have 1 Hawaiian & 1 haze that I have nurtured from seeds that are jst as slow (they were in Veg for 4 months, that might also have something to do with it!), still no amber trichs on them either - I think stopping nutes & shit conditions might have had a part to play!?
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    Forgot to mention I grow in the United Kingdom, and summer here is like a confused red-haired step-child, changing from cold & raining to Hot & humid every 2-3 weeks - they say it's an Indian Summer over here. I know this has also had an all-round affect on crop cycles around the country taking longer, but not 18 weeks long!
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    You're seeing bright yellow spots in the buds...? If those nanners open, they'll result in those little popcorn seeds that are impossible to clean out of your buds, and explode when smoked.
    Personally, I'd harvest now to avoid any further degradation of smokable product.

    Good luck...Rusty.
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    Yeah hes got it right! If you miss those nanners and they pollen really late, the seeds will be like micro seeds. This same shit happen to me so i had to make hash with almost all of my crop...
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    Thanks guys, I think you all make some good points & I should harvest!
    There's only 1 thing worse than having seeds explode in your zoot, & that is having to make hash out of the whole crop!!
    One last picture, to show what could be nanners, unfortunately I was only able to take the photo with the HPS on - their stank has also seemed to deteriorate. Any final thoughts?

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