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Thread: Crushed Vitamins for your Plant?

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    Crushed Vitamins for your Plant?

    Alright, so I'm trying to be cautious with my budget. Unfortunately, I'm not able to splurge on high quality, top-of-the-line fertilizer or nutrients for my plants.

    So I need some alternatives.

    I heard a tid-bit of info that apparently you can use crushed Vitamins to help "stimulate healthy plant growth". I was told to put the vitamins in a water bottle, shake it up a bit, and then pour the contents into the reservoir of my HP system.

    Can anyone validate this?
    Anyone have any other alternatives I could use?

    Any other awesome tips to help my babies grow. Ya know, to give them a little "shove".



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    Not a good idea. Saw this a long time ago. What the plant uses and what peeps use are dif and i would not put it in my rez.

    You can always do a control log and show us how it does. One with witamins and one without, side by side to see the dif is the only way.

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    Why not just grow in soil and use some general flower nutrients? It won't be as good as hydro, but much better than hydro without the proper nutrients
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