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    Eastern Canada where I'm @ & my room is 4x4x7 using T5 light's and I'm getting yellowing of leaves and stems going red, my water is Brita filtered but filter old, haven't been giving evaporating time. My water PH I've been neglecting but 6.4 is the norm. Haven't given much besides 2 small feedings of seaweed & 1 feeding of 24-8-16 but that was at beginning of veg, im close to 2 months since seed (Blue Dream). Haven't tested soil yet but gonna give em a rinse tonight and see what that does, I'm looking for any links that are relative to my set up. 1 pic too large to send and can't select them from gallery so guess need advice on how to send pics also, Ty!!!
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    Without a picture it will be hard to give you advice.
    Cooler temperatures can cause stems to be red. This in itself wouldn't be a problem.
    A lot of yellowing means the plant isn't getting enough nitrogen. But there are many leaf problems which will show leaf edges with yellowing, so we don't know your problem.
    Why are you filtering your water? Do you know precisely what is in your water? Some minerals would be just fine.
    What was your evidence that made you decide you needed to "rinse"? If you started with relatively good soil, you shouldn't need to flush, unless you do something really wrong with over application of nutrients.
    I recommend you get liquid nutrients intended for cannabis, and follow directions on the bottle closely.
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    Can't manage to upload pics

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