1st time grower, which strain is easiest to grow?

Discussion in 'Growing Information' started by Transition Force, Aug 24, 2006.

  1. Transition Force

    Transition Force Registered+

    I'm thinking of moving into a trailer (instead of my apartment) soon, because I can get one with an extra room for pretty cheap.

    With that extra room, of course, I'd like to grow some weed :D

    But, I've never done it before. Does anyone know which strains are the easiest to grow for a first timer?
  2. Wang Chou

    Wang Chou Registered+

    Try Early Bird or any other auto flower strain
  3. Transition Force

    Transition Force Registered+

    Can you recommend a site to buy them from?
  4. the image reaper

    the image reaper Registered+

    Northern Lights ... 'Joey Weed' seeds are cheap ... get them at www.hempdepot.ca ... :smokin:
  5. Pothead4204life

    Pothead4204life Registered+

    skunk #1 i heard is pretty easy
  6. UnitedParcelSecrets

    UnitedParcelSecrets Registered+

    I'd feel weird moving to a trailer to grow ...
  7. Transition Force

    Transition Force Registered+

    Well I wanted a place of my own for a while, instead of an apartment or whatnot, and the price difference for the extra room is worth the benefit of not paying for my weed anymore.
  8. Wang Chou

    Wang Chou Registered+

    Northern Lights is not easy to grow in any stretch of the imagination, not a good flower for first time growers
  9. phytokind

    phytokind Registered+

    My impression is that Afghan is quite easy to grow, as well as inexpensive.
  10. stinkyattic

    stinkyattic CultiModerVatorAtor

    I agree. Afghan does VERY well indoors- amazing broad leaf development and tolerant of some abuse.

    That's my recommendation as well.

    I 'm currently growing several named strains plus bagseeds and of all of them it's the Afghan that is like, hey, wanna forget to water me? Okey dokey. Wanna veg me under pathetic tube flouros? Bring it on, beyyyy-otch. I'll go right on ahead and develop nine-bladed leaves on only my 6th node! Ha ha!! In your face!
  11. Dutch Pimp

    Dutch Pimp Up in Smoke

    ..pick a card...any card....

    If you love your weed..(when it's growing)..it will love you back....pick a weed.
  12. the image reaper

    the image reaper Registered+

    you couldn't be more wrong, 17-year old child ... if you can't successfully grow Northern Lights, you need to find a different way to spend your time, (like do your homework) ... NL grows itself ... :smokin:
  13. Racerx

    Racerx Registered+

    honestly, for your first time you really should just grow some bagseed. That way if you mess up or something happens, you havent invested in seeds. Once you get a product and some experience, then spend some cash and get some good seeds. Genetics are very important, but the environment is even more important. You can butcher $300 seeds, and you can make bagseed beautiful.
  14. Wang Chou

    Wang Chou Registered+

    lmao, you try growing a northern lights as a first plant and watch it die, they dont seem to be able to handle any stress whatsoever
  15. MegaOctane12

    MegaOctane12 Registered+

    You have a whole room to dedicate to it? that's like... my dream. Your asking an open ended question really because there's thousands of strains and there's load that are easy to grow, read around man, http://www.seedboutique.com/store/

    you could start out with bagseed but there's no harm in trying a well known indoor variety that's cheap and almost fool proof.
  16. dryst

    dryst Registered+

    bag seeds ur best bet...its commerical and what commcerial growers look for is easiest grown with having to do the least work to em...besides ive seen reg bagseed home grown and make some banging ass bud :D
  17. m.g.

    m.g. Banned

    yes, bag seeds are the best way to save money but no matter what you plant, that is what you will reap. they all grow about the same and there are no hard strains or easy ones any more than cherry tomatoes are harder to keep than beefeaters. i suggest reading THRU an entire grow guide before starting anything then getting your equipment together. THEN, get some seeds...after you've read enough to know what you're talking about when you have a question. beyond that it's mostly common sense and taking care of the plants w/o loving them to death.
  18. Transition Force

    Transition Force Registered+

    Thanks for all the advice guys.

    For my first time grow I've decided just to use some seeds that I and a friend had collected. I'm financially tight right now, so free is good! For my next grow, I'll be purchasing one or more of the species suggested here. If anyone's interested in my grow log for my first experiment, check out this thread:

  19. Organic Rasta

    Organic Rasta Registered+

    Like RacerX said ...hit the bagseed for a garden or two and then think along the lines of buying some genetics......
    Nirvana has some more reasonable prices for your first step outthere in genetics....also

    The Northern Lights is right on point as a first time strain Cal Orange Bud, Big Bug and even the skunk#1 because of them being stablized very well.
    Also try AK47 ...it's a powerful strain for a newbie gardener that'll teach you about feeding.
    Good luck in your decisions :thumbsup:

    Jah Bless
  20. cobraking8

    cobraking8 Registered

    I'm gonna grow KC Jones and Pineapple Kush. I was told they're easy enough to grow. However, 'm still trying to think of a 3rd plant to grow.

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