2 days since test - Labcorp - no call as of yet

Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by tp82007, Dec 6, 2007.

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    Hey everyone,

    So I took a test at Labcorp the other day. It was at 3:45 when I finished (shy bladder, wasn't until my 3rd try that I was able to actually go. They give you a 3 minute limit, which is kinda stressful).

    I took a home test right before after drinking 40oz of gatorade and taking half a B-Complex tablet. I had taken a couple the day before because I thought I was going then and then my test was moved. I had been on creatine for 9 days before that, not exercising (exception of a little bit of banging on the drums the night before to relax a little, but not breaking a sweat). I took a first check home test that morning on first void, failed... I had been 14 days clean at this point. Recently I saw another post about someone else noticing that the first void seems to fail quite often, regardless i bought another test kit.

    About noon, after I finished drinking the gatorade, voided 2 times, started to get a good yellow color to it. Took the home test, passed clearly. (Solid control line, solid red/pinking THC line, no question on faintness). So feeling good. Pretty full bladder.

    Drive to the facility, get to go in almost immediatly, get in.. can't go... Tech has me drink 4 glasses of water (32-40oz)... try a second time... no dice, shy bladder again (and this chick wouldn't stop talking outside the door about the latest tabloids...) She warns me I only get 3 chances. So I wait about 30 minutes until I'm ready to explode. After 2 minutes of begging my ramrod to please release just a little (think Jerry Stiller in Zoolander) I start going... She knocks on the door saying time is up, I say I'm still going, as you can clearly hear. She lets me continue. I go for 2 minutes straight, tears streaming down my face in relief.

    Wasn't as bright as it was before, but still had color, then again she made me drink a ton of water as well, (she helped me dilute more?) Handed her the cup, washed my hands, signed and initialed things so I had done all I could. Interesting thing, I just had to take off my coat, I didn't have to empty my pockets, show her my sack or anything. So subbing would have been a piece of cake (however, it would have been diffucult to explain why no urine in the toilet but just enough to fill her little cup).

    Test finally done about 3:45, seals it up to go to a lab I guess. It's thursday A.M. haven't heard a thing. They said 24-48 hours. So on the safe side, I haven't parteken in any activities since then just incase I got a dilute and had to retest (if that was allowed, I thought it may because she made me drink so much damn water).

    It's thrusday A.M. no calls from the MRO, but still not doing anything today in case something is taking longer. I figure though if I don't hear anything by tommorow I'm probably good?

    One thing on my test. It has 2 tests requested. 1 a 5panel PSC collection, ok, I know what that is. The other thing it says is 3 Party Collection. Is that just mean a 3rd party collector? Or is that some other form of test?

    Also, when they send it off, will they perform a dip test (immunasay?)? and then if that doesn't make them happy they will put it through the gs/ms?

    Would love some input.
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    3rd party collector will just mean the drug tech that took your sample.
    I would say everything looks pretty good if you were able to piss a few times before you went to take the UA.
    They should do the immunoassay first and if they show a level above 50ng then they'll do the GC/MS test. But if they haven't called yet you should be good. They wouldn't have failed you if you couldn't piss after 40 ounces of fluid. They would make you stay there for 3 hours and then if you hadn't pissed by then they reschedule you.
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    One other question. I read on one of the threads that they tend to call you in the morning. Any truth to that? My employer said she should have everything by Friday at the latest.
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    Don't know.I've been lucky enough to have never been called after over 20 drug tests. It looks like you'll prbably fine.Don't call and ask about the drug test. Thats a dead give away you're worried.
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    What if I don't call my employer, but I call the customer service number to see when the results where in. If they were in yesterday, and no call from an MRO on either phone #, does that mean I passed?
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    How many days have it been since you took the test?

    I would wait till monday and call the employer ans ask when you get to start work.
  7. tp82007

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    My test was Tuesday, so over 48 hours from the point of this post. Again, haven't heard anything.

    Like some others, they gave me a start date before all of this, so calling for a start seems kind of pointless. That's why I was asking if I can can call the customer service line for the Labcorp to see if they have results.

    I guess at this juncture it's kind of a mute point. I should have my recruiter calling me tommorow at the latest. I've still refrained from partaking (frustrating) but we should have the all clear light by tommorow.
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    If they gave you a start date and you haven't heard from them then everything should be good.
    I would be prepared for randoms. They are bound to come up from time to time.
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    72 hours... still no word from anyone... I would just feel better if my employer called me back. Still not partaking... cleaned by bat though... because if I don't hear by today... fuck it.
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    Give yourself 7 days to be sure. Where I work this is considered the extreme limit of time.
  11. killerweed420

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    3 days I would go ahead and call human resources and ask when you get to start to work.
  12. tp82007

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    It's Monday A.M. No calls from anyone. Finally called my employer making sure start date was still accurate. Had to leave a message though.

    I would be *very* surprised at this point if something was wrong.
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  14. killerweed420

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    Good news.:thumbsup:
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