2 Differnt types of homemade hash. Blond/Dark

Discussion in 'Cannabis Pictures' started by LIP, Feb 8, 2007.

  1. LIP

    LIP Banned

    Right, i got some blond hash, which is just pressed kief. Nowchowder has a sticky in the recreation forum about how to do it. The trichs are from a Skunk #1 X South Indian Kerala, i've been saving it for ages. It's something like a 80/20 sativa dominating cross.

    The dark hash is basically the same as the blond, but it's dark because it's been in the oven, to heat the trichs and make them more plyable. Which in short means it wont crumble unlike the blond. This dark hash was made from White Rhino, and those of you who have smoked it know how strong is it, and how medicinally beneficial it is.

    Anyway, 2 bigish lumps of two differnt kinds of hashish.

    Im eventually going to make some oil and then make some budder.

    Search wiki for info on budder and hash oil extraction.

    Sorry for the bad picture, but it's the best i can get.

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  2. xxxhazexxx

    xxxhazexxx Registered+

    hello lip that looks fucking yummy dude whats it made from:D :D
  3. LIP

    LIP Banned

    I forgot to mention, the reason some hash is dark and some is light is the simple rule of oxydisation. [sp?]
  4. Canadien.

    Canadien. Registered+

    That's nuts man, how much did that take to make?

    I'll definitely try that out some day if it has the potential to turn out that well.

    Peace, :Rasta:
  5. LIP

    LIP Banned

    Cheers man. I wish i had better pics though. My cam sucks. The dark stuff looks amazing close up.
  6. xxxhazexxx

    xxxhazexxx Registered+

    i just remembered is that from your hog?:)
  7. LIP

    LIP Banned

    Nah lol, the light hash is South Indian Skunk - Skunk #1 [x] South Indian Kerala.
    And the dark hash is White Rhino.

    Im saving the hog as it is, i love the smell.

    Although saying that, i'll probably make some more hash from the trim. Actually, yeah, i will, i might as well otherwise i'd be throwing most of the trim out and i can probably get about 10 grams of REALLY pure hash from it. I'll probably make oil with it actually!
  8. gee

    gee Registered+

    yeah man, the oil from fresh trim is much tastier than from buds. more flavor.
  9. Weedhound

    Weedhound Registered+

    i'd take either one in a heartbeat!
  10. LIP

    LIP Banned

    I've got another nice big chunk of blond hash here.

    This stuff is in a league of it's own!

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  11. 4gan2ja0

    4gan2ja0 Registered+

    mmmmmmmmmmm man that looks so damn good. ive got some hash right now which until this poiint in time i thought was great, and it is, but looks lkike nothing compared to that shit. the white rhino shit must be insane
  12. ToDrunkToFish

    ToDrunkToFish Registered+

    Nice my blonde hash looks to be a quarter of that size and from regs and that shit fucks me up! I cant imagine that.
  13. Nochowderforyou

    Nochowderforyou Registered+

    OOoooo, looks yummy! That WR dark hash must be mindblowing! I'd love to do a rip of that stuff.

    Good job. :)
  14. OniEhtRedrum781

    OniEhtRedrum781 Registered+

    That shit looks amazing. I'd choose the dark piece first
  15. dankman

    dankman Registered+

    Ive had better hahahahaha i just had to say it to you
    so hows it taste mudda fuckuh

    just kidding dont cry
  16. LIP

    LIP Banned

    It tastes lovely, the dark WR is the best by far, it's so fucking heavy, i mean, the plant is an almost pure indica, and this hash just intensifies the indica so much more than the herb. I can only take 2 hits at a time or i'd be monging out.

    i have more of the light hash but it's not as strong, although dont get the wrong idea, this stuff is the fucking nuts as well. the blond is easier to roll in joints cos it's only compressed.

    And i highly doubt you've ever toked anything as strong as the WR hash.. Unless you've smoked budder, but concidering im going to be making some either today or tomorow, i know you aint smoked nothing better ;)

    Good try though.
  17. FreeVenice

    FreeVenice Registered+

    I love hash I wish it was sold around here. I think that there are places but I just dont know about them. I would hate to get that dreaded soap bar. U.K. got alot of issues with quality. I'm sure the U.S. is getting scewed some how. That's why I'm happy I get it from the grower. I mean if I were to smoke marijuana, which I don't cause thats illegal. . .

    Check out what Wikipedia had to say:

    Have you ever done this?
    Check out this thing on honey oil...

    P.S. Fuck The Lost Angel's Pig Depot!!!! Bunch of bigot!!!
  18. LIP

    LIP Banned

    Yeah, i've only bought hash about 3 times, because almost all of it is soapbar. The 3 times i have bought it it's been good hash, not soapbar, but nothing absolutly amazing. That's why i make my own, i mean, i grow it so i have all the trim i need.

    And once you've made honey oil, you can go on to make budder which is 95 - 99% THC.
  19. FreeVenice

    FreeVenice Registered+

    What raises the %? and wouldn't soap bar burn black. I would make them let me test it.
  20. FreeVenice

    FreeVenice Registered+

    Ya, I'm not a big time grower (as you can see from my posts). but I will try to pull some good hash out the batch or even some oil.

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