2 weeks all natual grow are these normal

Discussion in 'Growing Information' started by Tj22, Dec 3, 2017.

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    Im using happy frog soil. My water has a ph of 6.5 i germinated them 11/1617 put in solo cups 11/18/17 on 18/6light schedule. I also just transplanted them into 2.7 quart pot on 12/2/17 there are all just random seed that were given to me if anyone has any ideas what i can do to continue this grow with the best result im listening
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    They look normal.
    All you need now is patience.
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    Idea's?.. Listen to that guy above.. he'll have your gears meshing in no time.

    Everything looks to be performing pretty uniformly, that's a good sign.
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    I do have a suggestion or three.
    Even though I see saucers under the pots, it's not a good idea to have the ballast on the floor.
    Excrement occurs and often in an untimely manner, yah?

    Oh, and do not "feed" until the cotyledons shrivel and the tips get slightly pale.
    They may not need that until the stretch, FF make good soil.

    If you tear a kirkland, unscented, dryer sheet halfway through and lay it on the soil surface, around the stalk, you will not get Fungus Gnats, or Root Aphids.
    It repels the flyers and provides a breathing barrier that also thwarts Thrips.
    For a stellar grow, keep reading. :)

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    You had this big of a plant after 14 days including germination?

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