2 weeks into flowering!!!

Discussion in 'Basic Growing' started by iarbaman, Sep 19, 2006.

  1. iarbaman

    iarbaman Registered+

    These are some pics of my plants!
    They are a GreenHouse Co. indica strain (THE CHURCH), has been 2 weeks since ive started flowering!!!
    At the moment im using a 4-6-6 solution, is that ok???
    Any coments will be more than welcome!

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  2. sdhall36

    sdhall36 Registered+

    Nice girls! Did you use "feminized" seeds?

    All the best - Hall
  3. Bodom Children Of

    Bodom Children Of Registered+

    Looks good:thumbsup:
    Burn the Church!:smokin:
  4. invision

    invision Registered+

    the 4-6-6 is fine just remember to use 1/4 of what it calls for per gallon to start with and if she responds good with no nute burn you can add a bit more in a week
  5. Garden Knowm

    Garden Knowm Registered+

    Very Nice...

    How far is your light from the tops of your plants..

    nice PICTUES!!!

    If you take ten deep breaths when you first wake up in the morning.. even before you open your eyes.. just take 10 deep breaths and focus on LOVE... ALL your dreams will become a reality...
  6. iarbaman

    iarbaman Registered+

    Made me feel better, thanks guys!

    Yes, i used feminized seeds. At first i was a little worried, is these really worth the price? But 5 out of 5 seeds sprouted, and they are all girls, so, i guess its worth it!
    About nutes, im using it every 5 days, not sure about dosage! im mixing 1,5 ml per liter of water, too much? not enough???
    The lights are hanging 5-10 cm from the top of the plants, in the pic i took them outside the growing box>
    Ill try to upload new pics when ever i can
  7. iarbaman

    iarbaman Registered+

    New pics and new question!

    Here are some new pics from my plants, the flowers, etc...
    Also some pics from some leafes, they seen to be curling up and drying. What could that be???
    Apreciate any help on that, cause im getting worried about that!

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  8. iarbaman

    iarbaman Registered+

    Hi Garden Know!
    Since you seen to be a really informed person, what would happen if i cut the top 4-5 inches of my plants at these stage??? They dont have (almost) any space left to grow, and about bending... the way the plants are inside the grow box, i dont have that kind of space either!!! What to do???
    Thanks for your time and help!!!
  9. BlueBear

    BlueBear Registered+

    I wouldn't cut them, You may think about a method that they call snapping the herd, but before I explain the method I will wait for GK to give an answer, because snapping the herd is a pretty controversial and scary technique especially for the new grower and especially when trying in flower. I am also facing the same type of dilemma as you except I have the room to tie down, but I wait for a response as well.
  10. stinkyattic

    stinkyattic CultiModerVatorAtor

    You just have to plan ahead for height. Consider moving your plant elsewhere to finish.
    I would not do any snapping, pinching, pruning, etc at all in flower.
  11. iarbaman

    iarbaman Registered+

    Thanks for the coments and all, but can somebody tell me what would happen if i top the plants now???
  12. stinkyattic

    stinkyattic CultiModerVatorAtor

    Yeah, you're going to lose your top cola, where your most production would have been.
  13. jamstigator

    jamstigator Registered+

    You can tie them down okay in flower, or at least some strains don't take it too badly. I had to do that last grow, and they turned out okay, but I didn't bend them down too viciously or anything. I definitely wouldn't cut off the main colas; do whatever you have to do so that you don't need to do that.
  14. Garden Knowm

    Garden Knowm Registered+

    SCARY!!!!!!!!!!!! I AGREE!!! TERRIFYINIG


    You can bend her over.... it will require very gentle bending...
    BUT it can be done!! I WOULD BEND HER over..

    When a plant goes into 12/12 it usually doubles and triples in size.. THIS growth happensin the first 2-4 weeks of flowering.. how many weeks are you into flwoering.. If you are past week 3, you should be FINE.. it is a beautiful PLANT you HAVE!! : )

    other scenarios
    1. let the plant grow into the light... only if you have glass on your hood.. and if someof the bud gets burned.... it is better than loosing the entire top cola
    2. chop the top and turn it into a clone
    3. change locations

    I say you BEND it gently.. one method, is to tie a string around the top of the plant and hang something on the other end of the string...like a couple bolts... it will pull the top of the plant over gently... you can add a new bolt every other day.. to keep bending her over.. but add them sparingly..


    your problem is wonderful.. YOUR PLANT IS JUST TO DARN VIGOROUS
  15. iarbaman

    iarbaman Registered+

    New pic after some changes!

    Hi there, today ive done some changes on my setup, so my babes can have a bit more space!
    If what GK said is valid, i guess i would be ok! they have been flowering for almost 3 weeks now, so the space should be enough!
    About the health of my girls, do you think by looking at the leaf pics i posted, they gonna be fine???
    Anyway, take it easy you all!!!

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  16. Abattoir Dream

    Abattoir Dream Registered+

    they look very healthy, just watch the nutes n youll be fine m8, oh n by the way, hope you get a bountifull harvest
  17. iarbaman

    iarbaman Registered+

    Heey Garden, how is it going?
    About chopping the top to make a clone out of it, if i do that, should i put the clone back to the veg. light cycle, mabe get some roots to grow??? or in may case (only one growing box) just put it back with the flowering ones???
    Later ill post some new pics!
    Later guys!!!
  18. Abattoir Dream

    Abattoir Dream Registered+

    i must say, for potted plants they are very healthy, you have done a great job,
  19. Abattoir Dream

    Abattoir Dream Registered+

    vegetative light, not flowering
  20. iarbaman

    iarbaman Registered+

    Bud pics!

    Asi promissed, here are some pics from my flowers!
    Looking good for 3 weeks???
    What are those shiny white stuff on the flowers???

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