2 weeks off the weed, will I pass?

Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by NeverAgain, Nov 10, 2008.

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    Hi everyone, its been 2 weeks since I have had my last smoke and in saying that I would be classed as a heavy doper some may say. I am male ,41, and about 5'6 also aprox 195 lbs. I used to somke 2 maybe 3 cones a night and they were only little amounts , not packed to the max. the top of the cone would be approximatly 8cm in diameter and I only used to tear of a little bit of weed and place it loosely into the cone and chuff away. In the last 2 weeks I have not consumed lots of water but I have remained clean. Since comming here I have bought a bottle of nicotinamide, 500mg per tablet and megga B. I have today taken a dose of 1000mg and a little burning and itching with drinking atleast 3 litres of water so far. Had a healthy sandwhich that was a good feed with roast meat in it. I plan on drinking water for the rest of the night and throughout my day tomorrow, as much as I can stand. I have also picked up 2 larg-ish bottles of gatorraid to consume through my day tomorrow. With this I have also got some Asprin that is not of Advil/Tylanol to have tomorrow reading the flush method posted in the stickys.

    My question is do you think I might stand a chance to clear out some of the THC to pass a test? I am willing to give most anything a try as I never intend to smoke ever anymore as I need this Job. With saying all this I have a home tester for THC and anticipate in giving it a try later tonight to see how I go? What are your thoughts? I would appreciate any help or info as I am going for a medical tomorrow . I have 24hrs to make a diffrence.

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    Your best guess will be to do a PRACTICE run today in your home using the dilution method. Since your body may be dehydrated already, I would reccomend extending the time frame by one hour when drinking the 8oz of water. Exclude any voids you have during the 8oz drinking schedule. I didn't start counting voids UNTIL I was drinking ounce for ounce the amount I voided. When you get to your 4th counted void, test yourself. If you get the desired results, repeat same thing tomorrow. I do think there is good hope, but can't say for sure until you do home practice run.
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    Ok , here is the heads up. Last night about 10pm I tried the home test, got a 50% line up but it was only half the strength in colour of the other line, but it WAS there! :thumbsup:

    Today through my day I must have consumed aproximatly 10 litres of water, 2x gatoraid, some softdrink, popped about 7 asprin , 2 to the end of my shift. With this I consumed about 2000mg of B3 through the day 1000mg in the morning with breckfast mixed with Megga B for void colour, aprox 5 megga B through the day on top, ( for those that said after the initial itching and burning, the top-up doses of B3 500mg tabs on top of what I had, no effects on me, you are correct, no itching or burning ). Now the test I had did not test me for THC today, thank god because the home test after work was worse than the test I tired last night. Infact it was almost but gone, the second line I had last night.

    I suppose the moral of the story is with galons of water, B3, Megga B, Asprin, Gatorraid and a hard days work made it worse. :(

    I intend to test myself again in a week or so and will post the results again. I know I didnt follow the clening prosess to the letter but infact almost doubled or maybe trippled the doses for everything, water included. It flopped. :wtf:

    Anyhow if you want a clean result then the answer is simple, Stay clean to begin with. This is my story and I hope it may shed some light for others that need the info. :thumbsup:
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    One thought came to mind about your test results. On the day you got a better result, were you taking it wasy in your own home? VERSUS.... the lighter line you got after working? Maybe the hard work released THC metabolites into your urie. Just guessing right now.
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    Yes I had a easy day on the day I got a better result. And you may be right , the hard work may have released the THC is my guess too. ;)
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    If you have read the dilution sticky then you should now understand why it suggests NOT to exercise or be assertive for 2-3 days before diluting for the real test. The more calories you are burning, the more fat your are burning which leads to more THC going to the urine.

    BTW...I personally think (and I've been known to be wrong a time or two) you should have little trouble diluting and passing with the few more days you mentioned.
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