20 day old plant from seed only 4 inches tall

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by fourtwo_zero, Dec 21, 2011.

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    Hey guys, im new to the site, so sorry if I sound ignorant at all.
    Being as i am a first time grower, im a bit concerned with my lovely plant.
    I planted it 20 days ago and it is now at the 4 inch mark. Is this typical size for a plant this old? I started 18/6 2 days ago.
  2. EvilCartman

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    Since you refer to it as your "lovely plant", I'm gonna assume it's all healthy lookin'.

    Right about now, provided you are giving adequate light and nutrients, is when the growth rate will REALLY take off. The first few weeks from seed are kinda slow.
    These plants are 22 days from seed, most were just topped. 2 of the slower ones haven't been topped, yet. They're just about 5". I'd say your right about on pace.

    Some strains grow faster or slower, but once they reach a size large enough to support rapid growth, it will begin. :thumbsup:

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    Those look sweet.Im a first time grower ...Had 4 seeds dont know what it is.Not cronic i \m sure but wanted to get my feet wet.Im useing cfls 2 300 watts and 4 100s....Im glad to see this post as im about a week in and although there looking perfectly healthy i was wondering when they were gonna take off like the ones you have.
    Do you know can i expect my plants to bud like the cronic ive seen? Being from good weed but NOT cronic?
    Im useing a starter feed kit that looks pertty easy and hope i get a decent bag from them....Hoping there not all males..sigh But when can i expect them to show male or female?

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