2018 Outdoor Grow - Week 3 of Flowering

Discussion in 'Cannabis Pictures' started by Mass Medicinals, Oct 2, 2018.

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    Week 3 of flowering, and September is almost gone. We are still totally at the mercy of whatever weather comes here in New England. With any luck things will continue to be mild and dry.

    The outdoor plants bud site production has definitely started taking off. But again the temperatures are likely slowing overall progress. In just a week there has been a development.

    This week, the temperatures are hovering around 60 degrees, and it may even include some rain...

    Let us know your thoughts on the status of these plants. Can they go the distance?

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    Happy Growing!!!
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  2. raymont

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    Gonna get cold quick. They look awful young to finish with that weather coming soon.
  3. Mass Medicinals

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    They are going on week 9 now. So hopefully these have something to show for the hard work. I really do not want to simply turn three 12 foot trees into concentrates.

    1. that would take a lot work and hours to process
    2. It's not the end result we wanted to go with :(

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