2018 Outdoor Grow - Week 6 of Flowering

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    Week 6...Honestly after last weeks rain and wind, we are pretty lucky our plants are still kicking.

    It's October 2 days, so let's just through that unpleasant reminder out at the start of this weeks post. If it weren't for the potential for bud rot / low temps below 50 degrees. The upcoming weather patterns would almost be acceptable.

    The weather forecast is predicting 1 day of rain followed by 3 days of dry and repeating through the next ten days.

    That's not terrible, but it would be a lot better if we could get the plants out of the rain. Which we can't there's that.

    The wind also was a major factor last week that we were not prepared for. 2 of the 3 plants suffered major stem splits at their bases. We brought in larger stakes and the plants appear to be still alive but that was a horrible morning to wake and see them all sprawled out.

    We are seeing some purple pistils and sugar leaves. That's neat. Well actually just the volume of sugar leaf and bud sites is definitely encouraging.

    Looking over the plants and where they are in the flowering cycle. These plants are strong candidates for ice water hash extraction, followed by iso-propyl for the finish.

    We are certainly appreciating all the comments and feedback on the various sites and places we post. Please keep them coming!!!

    Thanks for reading, please leave a comment or check us out at:
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    Happy Growing!!!
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    I had some wind breakage last year. This year I used tomato cages. Problem solved.
    What area are you growing in? :pirate:
  3. Mass Medicinals

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    East coast, New England.

    Right now i'm totally biting my nails to see what's happening with them. It's been very wet most of this week (>70% humidity) and we already were spot treating for bud rot.

    We do not want to lose these to the rot, but if they aren't mature it's sort of a waste anyways. Next year will have a canopy for sure. Along with better supports for the plants as the bulk up.

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