215 Rental Properties in Norcal

Discussion in 'Northern California' started by Testament, Feb 24, 2009.

  1. Testament

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    Greetings everyone.

    I am considering moving in Aug. 09 to grow legally in Norcal, but it seems like every rental home on craigslist says "no 215" ...... Any experience or knowledge to share? I have about 4k to spend on 1st last security. Also, I would like to go to HSU, so anything close to there would be great!

  2. leadmagnet

    leadmagnet Banned

    Assuming that refers to growing cannabis I can see why a property owner might not like renting to growers unless they were loaded down with fire insurance.

    Some growers use no common sense.
  3. Humboldt215

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    Craigs List is not the way to go, my suggestion would to be meet someone face-face that is established in the area.
  4. veggii

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    my reco would advise to: rent a place that the owner lives out of town and is never there. dont tell anyone !! act as if its still illegal leave no trace you were there.
    ooops you blew the first rule dont tell anyone includes posting i-net:jointsmile:
  5. Thizz All Day

    Thizz All Day Registered+

    Advice? Go back to where ever the fuck you came from.
  6. ZionsLion

    ZionsLion Registered+

    And how long have you lived there, dipshit! I swear if one more person with more ego than sense comes up to me acting like they own a collection of counties just because they've lived there for XXX number of years.... One of these days, Alice... One of these days...:thumbsup:

    Don't get me wrong, I have compassion for the humble communities that have been invaded by this plague, but to pretend that you have authority over a public place because you've lived there longer is a little hypocritical... Find some Native Americans and see what they have to say about that....
  7. norcalcanni215

    norcalcanni215 Registered

    :thumbsup: totally agree with you.. some people really need to grow up... ignorance is bliss they say..
  8. Thizz All Day

    Thizz All Day Registered+

    I know that my response was narrow minded, but fuckin a. Im not living my life thinking that way, just giving an honest response/opinion to someone's question.
  9. bombdiggity

    bombdiggity Registered+

    Asshole. :(
  10. tlong831

    tlong831 Registered

    i agree with thizz

    we dont need more people growing in nor cal it's already crowded as fuck
  11. bombdiggity

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    LOL you think norcal is crowded have you ever been down south to oc/la. Plenty of growers here and there is about 18 inches between apartment building stacked every square mile of la county (almost).

    Seeing you guys say this shit makes me want to move up there even more.
  12. MasterKushy

    MasterKushy Registered+

    Everyone wants to cash in on the gold rush! As for me I'll be waiting on the opposite coast when its spread nation wide! :jointsmile:
  13. loveplants420

    loveplants420 Registered

    Ya but think about it

    If everyone living in a non-medicinal state, moves to one, the others will think again about MM reform.
  14. loveplants420

    loveplants420 Registered

    no ego needed

    besides there is no need to get ego involved when someone is just trying to do the right thing and get some info :hippy: I mean come on, we're smokers on here right?
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  15. icbh707

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    these idiots grow some of the worst bud (if you can even call it bud) around and think they cant sell it for a good price because "there are too many people growing in cali." face it retards, you could be the only growers in cali and still have a hard time finding a way to sell your lawn clippings. i say move on out here and lets put these fools out of business. ;)
    just so you know, rent, power and a 8-10 light set up will cost at least $20,000 to get through the first 3 months.
  16. ShastaCoMan

    ShastaCoMan Banned


    i am (native american) and i dont (like it)...LOL

    i just tuned this thread in and i cant believe what im reading.....whats the matter, are you guys afraid this guys going to come in and cut into your profits or something?

    firstly, the guy has a right to go and grow wherever he likes. i dont think its right to get in the guys ass with a bunch of crappy comments. to me, some of these comments sound right away like your afraid the guys going to come in and grow and cut into your profits. who cares if the guys moving to norcal to grow his shit legally? if its not a matter of him possibly taking money out of your pocket, why would you give a big shit'? maybe he grows much better stuff than you.

    secondly, if the guys legal about what hes doing, what is it to you?....wouldnt it be easier to just say "who knows, look at the paper"

    thirdly,if your legitimate, and have a legit prescription, you dont have to disclose that to potential landlords, and if, after you rent they threaten to evict you over it, let them know that you have a legit prescription, and the second you get an eviciton notice youll be down filing in court. if you go to renbt a place and they tell you "no 215", make them out it in writing, and then sue their assess......for them to deny you strictly on the basis of having a prescription is ILLEGAL. that would be the same as me going to rent a place and the potential landlord denied me because i take oxycontin. thats a denial because of a disability, which is illegal for them to do.

    i know im the new guy, and im sorry for sounding like an asshole, but come on guys, the guy asked a legitimate question. no need to be a bunch of assholes over it.
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  17. fishstix

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    I dont think your right about that because its not a prescription its a recommendation, not the same. if they can say no pets or no smoking I'm sure they can say no growing.
  18. BlackSands

    BlackSands Registered

    215 Rentals - HSU

    Yeah, and there is a big difference between burning a jay for medicine and growing weed for medicine. I agree with whoever it was that says either meet someone face to face who is cool with it (which shouldn't be hard to to around Arcata), or find someone who doesn't live in town and stays the hell out of your business. Of course, that is still dishonest, so it adds to your bag of bad karma. Nothing good to have when you're talking about a grow.

    Check out McKinnley man. Or Fortuna.

    As for this whole "growing weed in norcal vs everywhere else" debate, come on guys, that only applies to growing out doors, and with all of the genetics involved over the last 30-40 years, it isn't THAT big of a deal anymore either. (unless you're talking about the HDF that you can still find spotted around. That shit is DOPE!).

    If you grow inside, you can grow equally good weed no matter where you are, or equal shitty, haha!


    Also, just to harp on the whole Norcal vs. Socal thing, the Bay Area (this is including Alameda, just in case any of you negative nancies are from Alameda...) can barely be considered Norcal. And if you do call it norcal, really, it's just the LA of Norcal, so it still sucks... :jointsmile:
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  19. ShastaCoMan

    ShastaCoMan Banned

    ive always though of the bay area as beng more "central cal" ,since its more twards the center of the state. personally, ive always thought of norcal being from arco arena to the oregon border....

    i wish they would have done what they talked about years ago and split cal into 3 sections, socal,cen tral and norcal. 3 different states. all of the treehuggin greenies could all head down to either central or socal and leave us norcalians alone...

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