24 hour dark period before harvest

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    opinions? experiences? thoughts? your couple pennies?
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    how many threads on this now? :wtf:

    P.S. HENNESSY IS BACK BITCHES. yall really helped with my first two grows...thanks a million!
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    two words : do it
  4. Revanche21

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    im having trouble searching the forums for some instructional/explanatory threads

    can you point me to some threads peaz :):jointsmile:
  5. AfricanAlien

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    From the horse's mouth

    Here is some good info!!!

    This is a from an Interview with Adam of T. H. Seeds

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  6. Lit Up

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    Interesting, I'm assuming that would work on clones. I'll have to give it a look-see.
  7. Rusty Trichome

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    If the strain is stable...likely it (the darkness technique) isn't doing harm. However, I'm very doubtful about the assumption that a cannabis plants response to darkness is to increase trichome production. Increased trichome production has nothing to do with darkness, or lack of light, and if there is no genetic cause-and-effect, doubtful the technique is valid. To me, it makes more sense that the darkness period could possibly reduce the quantity of trichomes needed to protect the leaves from the sun, and increase the desire of the plant to start an emergency pollination. (forming nanners on females, is an evolutionary trait designed to self-pollinate during times of extreme stress, thusly assuring the survival of the species)

    Knowing what trichomes are for (or believed to be for) may help here.

    "Purpose of the Trichome:
    For evolutionists, the purpose of the trichome, or the reason the cannabis plant evolved to have them, is a topic with many speculations. Of course without understanding the basic activities of the secretory cavity, it is not possible to truly understand their purpose. Some of the current theories require the use of cannabinoids, while others do not, it is possible that all the theories are true in part, or all of them make up the true purpose.

    Insect Protection:
    Many insects find the thick coating of trichomes unpleasant, this offers a level of protection for the developing seeds.

    The layer of trichomes and cystolith hairs (similar to bladder stones, calcium carbonate deposits) makes cannabis less palatable to many herbivores & omnivores.

    The layer of trichomes helps to protect the pistilate (female) flower from drying out, while in environments with low humidity levels and/or high wind.

    Extensions of the epidermis (outermost layer of skin) of the plant, that provides shade and protection. UV-B Light:
    UV-B light is harmful to living things, THC has very high UV-B adsorption properties, thus cannabis evolution may have favored the evolution of genotypes that produced these THC laden capitate-stalked trichomes as a built in 'sun-screen' for protection against UV-B light rays.
    Fungal Protection:
    Some of the compounds present in the trichomes actually inhibit the growths of some types of fungus.

    Human modification of the plant , favoring species that produce copious amounts of THC laden Trichomes.

    Human Attraction:
    Similar to the method that flowers use nectar to attract insects to spread pollen, cannabis exudes resin, to attract people, in order to spread its genetic material around the world.
    (I'm not too sure cannabis plants are that organized)

    Harvesting Trichomes:
    Capitate-stalked Trichomes, as you now know, is the location of the primary production of cannabinoids. Harvesting Trichomes, is in fact, harvesting the resin, for medical or recreational purposes. The time to harvest, is a debated one, as different growers, strains and environments will have different determinations of when it is best to harvest. In addition, what you are attempting to achieve, will also change the harvesting process for you. For example, if looking to experiment with other cannabinoids, other than THC, harvest times will differ if you are looking for maximum THC content.

    Firstly, you must remember that large amounts of trichome production, does not necessarily mean a potent plant. In specific strain, this may increase the chance of a higher potency, but this is by all means, no guarantee.

    Secondly, obtain a pocket microscope with at least 25% zoom, so that you can get a closer look at your trichomes. Specifically looking at the secretory cavity, most strains will start off with a clear or slight amber colour, than gradually become opaque or slightly cloudy.

    Thirdly, is to determine when you will harvest. Some growers will harvest once the majority of secretory cavities are clear, in order to capture the peak of produced THC cannabinoids. Though, others will wait until half of the cavities turns opaque, which may have a very high THC content, but also have additional types of cannabinoids such as CBN.

    It is important to note that the harvesting window will vary, for example with sativa and indica/ Sativa hybrids you may have 10-25 days to harvest, while indica varieties may have between 10-15 days. There is no real danger to the plant in missing the harvesting window, though you may have to wait until the next harvest window to harvest resin with a high THC concentration. There is benefit to the plant and the environment by allowing it to grow for a longer period, and in fact simply collecting resin and allowing the plant to live, is a much better method than chopping up the plant, as you can make pure hash amoungst other things."

    Trichomes - the source of Magic - Woyano

    I guess you could say I'm a doubter that using darkness before harvest to promote trichome growth, development or psychoactivity, is a valid technique. Perhaps if the technique was combined with certain lunar phases...lol. (kidding)
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    Wish I could rep you again Rusty!

    thanks for the save once again

    the darkness thing did sound a lil fishy:jointsmile:
  9. Rusty Trichome

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    Thanks anyway for the attempted rep, lol.

    Keep in mind that these are my opinions on the subject based on what I have read, and what does/does not make sense to me. Some folks will swear by it, but can show no proof of validity other than to profess that it is true. Same goes with other 'techniques', such as pyramid power, phases of the moon, astrology, kabbalah, balah, balah, balah...

    Altho I'm sure these <ahem> techniques are harmless in themselves, but I believe they should not be a substitute for sound (advanced) gardening techniques. Old wives tales will only take you so far. :thumbsup:
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  10. Revanche21

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    Yea ill stop lighting the day before i harvest just because I tend to do my lighting during the night and night period during the day

    just for the sake of easiness
  11. AfricanAlien

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    Keep in mind that this has not been disproved either!!!!
  12. LolaGal

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    University of Mississippi Scientists Say Otherwise Rusty

  13. Revanche21

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    well the reasoning behind that is (from what I hear) is that the nutrients are in the roots at night and so harvesting at night does not increase potency but rather makes for a smoother smoke that tastes better
  14. Rusty Trichome

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    So, harvesting before dawn has now morphed into days of darkness? Even if I were to believe you...I'd want proof of your insight, and to view the findings myself. Facts seem secondary to you "proving" your points, as you never seem able to provide them.
    I would most certainly love to see this study by U. Mississippi. A copy of the summary, or the link to the report in it's entirety would suffice. Since you seem too have the report, or have at least seen it yourself...by which mechanism within the plant biology does the trichome production increase as a method of self-preservation due to extended dark periods? If anything, this is the only lunar phase I'd be willing to believe in. Just because I have more sleep in my eyes in the morming, doesn't mean I make more during the night...just means it has accumulated and not evaporated, not been wiped away, is not retracting from sunlight or blown by the wind...

    Yes, I can see where your insight is soooo keen.

    Again...you fail to provide proof, and your hypothesis is flawed.
    So because someone publishes a book touting the existence of martians, you would, simply by the context of "they can't be wrong", determine it true simply by the sheer volume of books on the subject? And that their motives were of genuine belief, not for financial gain...? Or that horoscopes are guides to wend our way through life, as the stars have ordained?
    lol. Too funny.
  15. LolaGal

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    I am one of the University of Mississippi scientists. Working on my Masters right now, so I took this job for the free tuition. Yes, we did make G-13.
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  16. Revanche21

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    have you done double blind studies confirming this data?

    if so can you give the level of THC with the dark period and without?

    go ahead and throw in the statistical mumbo jumbo
    (I just took an applied stats course and I would love to try to decipher it for everyone else)
  17. Weedhound

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    Ok scientist aside (congrats btw) how MUCH of an improvement are we talking? Seriously, enough to make a difference? There's so MUCH crap out there.....C02 fizzies, 3 days of darkness, a nail through the stem. How MUCH does getting up in the middle of the night to harvest help your grow? Enough to do it or something merely recordable on a graph or something?
  18. Revanche21

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    with the scientists at work

    they could potentially tell us whether there is a significant difference (or whether the differences could be explained by chance*depending on the sample size) and how big of an effect is by computing additional formulas:D
  19. Weedhound

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    I don't know anything about computing formulas.....we're talking about a plant, not an inert object Revanche.

    But I sure am not getting up at 3 to harvest my plant to get one less hit off the joint to get high.

    If it's REALLY significant I'll try it. But I have a feeling if it WERE really significant we'd have heard about it by now.

    One thing about cannabis growers.......they tend NOT to follow the mold..... which is both good and bad. (But in growing.....usually bad :D)
  20. stinkyattic

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    Without lab testing equipment, you are not going to be able to discern ANY difference in effect from plants harvested in the morning or at night. The difference is too subtle and slight.
    A couple days of pure dark will definitely kick-start flowering, and is the trick to finishing a long-flowering strain in a short-summer area. 4 days darkness, then put out August 1st for a mid-October harvest before frost.
    When to CHOP is totally up to the grower. IT doesn't hurt either way so it's a matter of preference. If you are going to do anything special to your finishing plants, flush them instead. THAT will give a marked improvement in product quality.

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