250 MH Agrosun Gold vs 600 HPS Solarmax

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by growindownsouth, Dec 17, 2008.

  1. growindownsouth

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    I have always grown full plants under a 250 and for the first time did a SOG under a 600 and was wondering if anyone else has ever grown with a smaller light and then a larger light and what there experience was in quality of nugs? Thanks
  2. DTRave420

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    My first grow was with a 400WATT system...Every grow since has been with a 600...Needless to say,the 600 gets better penetration and grows bigger buds...:jointsmile:
  3. VapedG13

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    I started with 400watters... now I use 1000 watters.....Under 400 I would get 2-3 oz per plant...under the 1000s I get 6-6 1/2 0z per plant ....buds are bigger.

    I used to add a conversion bulb when I was in bud cycle so I would have 1 MH and 1 sodium.......now I stick with 2 MH for both cycles
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  4. growindownsouth

    growindownsouth Registered

    What about the quality of the nug? Did that improve as well with a bigger light?
  5. VapedG13

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    I have found the longer I leave it going in bud 8-9 weeks insted of 6-7 the dencer/harder the buds get
  6. growindownsouth

    growindownsouth Registered

    Cool, I've always gone 56 days, but I am going 63 this time. I am also growing with clones SOG instead of full plants, so the end result i am thinking is going to be way better, because all the colas are large, stinky, and in charge. :thumbsup:

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