2700K + 6500K CFL?

Discussion in 'New Mexico (NM)' started by pepurr, Apr 8, 2010.

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    Couldn't get any responce on the light thread, so I will ask my homies.

    Hopefully this will help speed up my grow.

    I had to do something about that light. When they were in that north facing window they only got a couple hours of sun a day. Because of that, I made a grow room in my closet. The lights I had were 2 CFL's.
    One 15W 2700k, and a 23W 2700k. They were a couple I had around the house. I don't know the lumens, but I am guessing 600 to 800. It is only a wild guess.

    After looking at pictures of others grows here,and paying attention to when the pictures were posted, I thought mine should have developed more than they are. :(

    So I stopped at Walmart and found a 2 pack CFL, 6500K 20W 1150 lumens, for only $7.00.

    I sure hope this helps. I have read that 6500K are better for the veg. time, and 2700 are better for the bud time.

    I am wondering something though. Would there be any thing bad about having both the 2700K and the 6500K going at the same time? For now I only have the 6500K in there. Maybe all them lumens added would be an advantage. I don't know. Maybe if it is just 6500K lights I would get shorter busher plants. Maybe if I had both they would be taller, busher plants. I read if one has only 2700K lights the plants will be taller because they are seeking the light they need.

    I welcome any advise that will make clear this issue for me.

    One thing I do like about them CFL's is, I can buy a couple at a time as they are needed. :thumbsup:
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    Id love to see an answer to this question as well. Im a newbie to cultivating, but I always heard CFL's were only good for veg state and HPS is the way to go for flowering.....but HPS is way to damn expensive, so if CFL's will grow some good bud, then PLEASE someone answer this mans question! lol.
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    I think that you still need to increase the wattage size of your lights and thus increase the lumens.
  4. coolslayer

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    I think that you still need to increase the wattage size of your lights and thus increase the lumens.
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    Thanks for your input cool. :thumbsup:
    I might add back the 2700K bulbs. Need fixtures for them 1st.
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    CFL usage...

    Well, if I may offer a humble opinion...

    I have seen some people do amazing grows with CFLs, though they generally have to be placed way closer to the plant canopy than MH or HPS.

    Your veg state should use 6500k to 4100k bulbs, with higher colour 'temperature' (being closer to the blue end) preferred...

    Your bud/flower state should use as many 2700k as you can cram in there, but having 6500/5000/4100k bulbs /with/ the 2700k 'warm white' will not hurt, and might help.

    For reference, check around some of the flourescent manufacturers' websites. Most of the ones I found that showed the spectrae of the bulbs in question showed that 4100k or 6500k usually have a good hit in the blue end, and 2700k better in the red. Using all of 'em might get you something that the plants like a /lot/. But they need light nearer the red end when flowering, hence the addition of 2700k or 3000k...

    More light is usually not a Bad Thing, unless you're somehow getting to like more than 14,000 lumens / sq.ft. Then you're overdoing it ;)

    Hope this helps!
    (c)C :chainsaw:
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    Many of the tips I've seen with CF is to use Cool/Warm at the same time.
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    I built a hood which uses four 40W-2700K tubes, Four 23W-5000K CFL, and three 27W-6500K CFL. Making a total (as is) of 17900 lumens from 333W. :thumbsup:

    By utilizing as many spectrums of light as possible I can grow THICK dense bushes with no problems. Having more will hurt nothing.

    However as stated above, your plants do better under a light producing more blue light. 5000K-6500K are best for veg(Blue light stimulates Chlorophyll A to produce stems, leaves). The higher wattage the better! Plus with more bulbs you can hit the plant from multiple angles!:thumbsup:

    When you change to flower you want a high red spectrum, such as the 2300-2700K range, Because the plant needs more red light. (Red light stimulates Chlorophyll B to produce flowers).

    I've read that BOTH during all stages is actually best. Hence the Hortilux blue, and the "newer" duel arc bulbs. Which are essentially a MH and HPS built into one bulb.

    BTW I'm still flowering under HPS, I just veg under CFLs.:thumbsup:
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    Thanks for the advise guys. :thumbsup:

    Keep it comming. I believe nothing is ever fully understood. :postgood:
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    Yeah,sorry about the double post....browser was acting wonky.
    I believe you have your card,right pepurr? Get in touch with my off the forum and I will discuss these things in detail with you.See my thread,"Are you looking for a doctor to recommend MMJ?".
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    Good advice,brother.

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