2G for 40 dollars??

Discussion in 'CANNABIS.COM Lounge' started by DarkFire, Apr 28, 2005.

  1. DarkFire

    DarkFire Registered+

    this guy says he has really good weed for 40 dollars on 2 grams... isnt that too much? round here u can get pretty good quality for 15 dollars on the gram, but shouldnt the value go less when going as high as 40 bux so it should b like 35$? he wont do 35 tho
  2. ezjim

    ezjim Registered+

    maybe you should grow your own and under cut his high prices thats the american way
  3. JSTA

    JSTA Registered+

    You should see about just spending the extra money and buying an 1/8th instead. Nobody sells above 50. I wouldn't buy 2g's for 40 though, no way. Try askin for an 1/8th for 50 or something, or looking somewhere else.
  4. kyle

    kyle Registered+

    I would'nt, fuck that. I pay 10 bucks a gram for quality stuff.
  5. uncle ike

    uncle ike Banned

    What about 50 a gram???

    You can go to el paso and get a lb for $75 bucks bring it back to where i live and that same pound goes for 4-7 hundred? No body cares about that.

    I think that anybody who operates a mail order service better make it worth it. Price it outside the range of most children and do you even know what type of time you'll get if you get caught???? So you better grow your own, like I do then you can charge $50 a gram like I do!!!!! Med users $25
  6. jacquelyne

    jacquelyne Registered+

    thats what we pay here always
    if you buy 1g its $20
    2 is $40
    3 is $50
  7. ermitonto

    ermitonto Banned

    But that's a significantly better deal, considering the value of the Australian dollar.
  8. Smokin2

    Smokin2 Registered+

    $20 a gram? WTF? I never pay anything close to that. In fact last O I got was $80 so that breaks down to around $2.66 a gram. Now that's more like it. Now I would be telling a lie if I said it was the best stuff around, b/c it isn't However, it worked for me and I've been smokin for many, many years. The most I've ever paid is $50 for an 1/8 and it really wasn't worth it. No extra long buzz and less weed to smoke when I was ready for more. One thing I have learned over the years is buy it in bulk. The more you buy at one time the less it tends to cost. I used to buy quarter after quarter, no more. I never get less then an Ounce at time, it's just not worth it, besides, it's not like it's going to get waisted, it might get me waisted but the weed won't be waisted!!!!!!!!!
  9. TheLion

    TheLion Registered+

    We pay $20 a gram here. And $60 an 1/8th is not unheard of, but you can get it around $45 if you know the right people. O's go for $200. Then again, this is San Francisco...
  10. greenguy

    greenguy Registered+

    where I'm @ $20 a gram is common for very good bud if you only buy 1 gram @ a time.
    That's from a very low risk source(delivered if you ask nice)
    Regs go for 30 - 50 a 1/4 depends on if you value a low risk sure thing over shopping around. I'm very close to the Bronx so if I was really adventurous I can get better prices but the quality is sometimes a gamble...i,e; I've paid 800 a lb for good smoke but there was nowhere to park close by(161st street not far from yankee stadium) but you had to walk though some fairly rough territory with a lb of smoke on you (mostly a coke neighbor hood w/ some really cool rastas living in it)
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  11. Dick Justice

    Dick Justice Registered+

    That sounds fine to me. $40 for 2 g's around here is usually only regs, but good regs. Gotta really dish out for the awesome stuff.
  12. notanovice

    notanovice Registered+

    $40 a gram


    $40 is what is payed for a 1/4 oz, which is 7.5 grams(good shit)
    $40 for 2 grams is outfrickenragious
    the most i`ve evr seen someone pay is $15 a gram for top notch highgrade sensi
    :confused: :confused: :confused:
    my joints i roll weigh more than 2 grams :D :D :D
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  13. NextGen

    NextGen Registered+

    geez I could get $1000 for that easily where I live :) el paso eh.
  14. abcmofo

    abcmofo Registered+

    too much man, its a plant, its a restricted plant sure but fucks sake 40 for 2 little flowers?
  15. thcbongman

    thcbongman Registered+

    Oh god.

    Get an eighth instead. 10 more bucks for 1.5 extra.
  16. Hardbud

    Hardbud Banned

    Why would someone sell there bud for $70.00-per pound
    after they go to all the trouble and time and money they
    put into growing it? You cant even buy a grow lamp for $75.00.

    Uncle ike i think you are a stupid, very stupid man

    Your going to sell bud for $50 bux a gram to some people and $25 to others?

    What a stupid plan that is.

    When you got that pound of bud you must have got parsly. Ha ha

    Oh ya you are a lawyer? or just like giving stupid legal advice?
    Why would anyone want your advice ?
  17. Maui Wowie

    Maui Wowie Registered+

    Average weed is $5 for half a G, so $20 is around 2 G average. $40 for 2 G is too much man, too much.
  18. fuzzyblue

    fuzzyblue Registered+

    no way that i'd pay that much for only 2 piddly grams, fawk that i don't see enough people undercutting the prices of people who charge like that
  19. powair

    powair Registered+

    fuck, for 40 i can get close to a quarter. I would never pay that for 2 gs.

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