2week old seedling DYiNG ???

Discussion in 'Arizona (AZ)' started by Gatorade, May 23, 2006.

  1. Gatorade

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    This is my first plant and has been going well for the first 2 weeks,till a couple days ago I started to notice the first leaves starting to brown and dry abit and now the first real leaves are starting to wilt anyone know why?

    ps. my plant is in a six inch pot on my windowsil and getting natural sunlight btw I live in az, I will be thankful for any advice.
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  2. Gatorade

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    BTW the seedling was planted in soil from an old house plant, i dont know exactly what kind of soil it is but it is very light and has sponge rocks in it
  3. Gatorade

    Gatorade Registered+

    Today all leaves exept the top ones look very bad, should I just give up on this seedling because no one seems to have any answers :( ? :(
  4. Gatorade

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    anyone have any answers? anyone
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  5. Gatorade

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    ok i dont know why no one is replying, BUT i really need advice i dont think it will last another night :(
  6. Gatorade

    Gatorade Registered+

    my poor seedling is now grasping for life, all leaves are know withered and DEAD! exept for the top two leaves which are slowly curling downward.

    what am I doing wrong? can my plant still survive? and why has no one replied to my question, I thought some one would have advice but I guess not:(:(
  7. Gatorade

    Gatorade Registered+

    any advice?

    does anyone have advice for my next indoor grow? : )
  8. nonono

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    I guess don't use mystery soil. There's a hydro shop in Tempe I bought my lights and soil from if you need supplies.

    (I'm not an expert or anything; this is my first grow and the sprouts are just beginning to break the surface.)
  9. lostinmesa

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  10. mcozzy1

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    There are some growing forums. You'd get a much better response if you posted there.
  11. HypnotiseMezmerize

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    hey nonono where is that tempe shop at i wana check it out ...
  12. Gatorade

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    so havnt been on in awhile but good news my plant is still alive and is about three feet in height and doing alot better
    and for the guy who was looking for the hydro shop in tempe just google search it im sure youll find what your looking for:)

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