3 gallon or 5 Gallon containers?

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by SeedKing72, Sep 14, 2005.

  1. SeedKing72

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    How big can I grow in a 3 gallon container vs a 5 gallon container.. I really dont want to waste all this grow medium, if I dont have to. I am going to veg until like 18-24" and then flower for as long as I need 50-60 days..
  2. AngryJohnny

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    using 12qt = 3 gallon

    started with 5qt = 1.25 gallon
  3. Marc Benson

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    I read a grow journal where the guy did an experiment with 3 gallon containers vs. 5 gallon containers. Everything else exactly the same. The plants in the 5's out yielded the 3's every time. Said there was a direct correlation between root volume and yield. And this guy was an old timer that had grown med's for years so he was looking specifically for the most efficient cost effective method you could use...for soil. He was getting like 1.5 pounds per plant with the 3's and over 2 pounds with the 5's.

    And the extra cost is really nothing. If you could get a half a pound more would you spend the extra few dollars for dirt?
  4. SeedKing72

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    Huh, interesting.. I wonder what the other variables were.. How long was the VEG, Flowering.? I think I will do some research on that... Thanks Mr. Benson, You are probablly right, I think I will do a little research when I start my grow we will see.
  5. Lady Vapor

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    I went with the 5's this second time because last time it was a freaking nightmare transplanting from 3's to 5's! This time I'm doing everything I can to keep them from getting stressed! Had two hermis in a smaller space.
    Now I have a 9' x 5' space and four of them are taking over in 2 months at 24 hrs. In 2 more months the space WILL be filled I'm sure of it... the stalks at the base are 3/4 inch now!

    Go with the 5's!
    Good Luck!
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  6. Marc Benson

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    "I wonder what the other variables were"

    As I said there were no other variables. He gave them the same amount of ferts, same amount of water, same amount of light, same amount of everything. The 5's just out yielded the 3's. All of them. I'll try to find that grow journal so you people can read through it. Veerrryyy interesting.
  7. rysk8er420

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    Marc you are definately right, obviously the bigger the root mass, the bigger the plant would be capable of growing. I transplanted my outdoor plants mid-summer from 3-5 and they seem to really be enjoying the extra room because one that was 5 feet tall, is now over 8 feet tall.
  8. Garden Knowm

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    If you are going to let them get 24 inches before flowering , you better go 5 GALLON.
  9. SeedKing72

    SeedKing72 Registered+

    Yeah, I think I will go 5 Gallons... So I am going from seedling right into 5 Gallon. I really only want to transplant ONCE.. Perhaps it would be better to go from Jiffy Cube to 6 inch to 5 gallon...Ah the hell with it, jiffy cube to 5 gallon... Hows does that effect my watering, now I am watering a 5 gallon bucket.. for a little seedling.. There is the dilema.. what I should really do is is START in 2 liter bottles and then move to 5 gallon...Is this really rocket science?
  10. Marc Benson

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    I'd water limited amounts and not be looking to see water draining out of the bottom of the container as that would mean you're saturating the entire 5 gallons. It might only take a few cups of water each watering to keep the plant healthy in the first week or so and as the grow progresses just gradually increase watering for the size of the plant. I don't think anyone though can tell you exactly how much you'll need. Would be the person growing understanding and recognizing when the plant is thirsty.

    Course if you transplant correctly (HD has a sticky on his procedure) you could transplant a number of times and not shock the plant. I've never had a plant show any signs of shock from transplanting. From me being a stupid grower yes. But not from transplanting.
  11. SeedKing72

    SeedKing72 Registered+

    Thanks, you have been a lot of help.. 5 Gallon buckets are cheaper than 3 gallon planters (Sprawl-Mart has them for $1.00 a piece for, Flimys 3 gallon planters are $1.65). Since I am doing 10 Plants hoping to get 4-5 females. I will just spend more on soil and perlite. It will worth it once I am puffing on some fire!

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