3 grams for 20 bucks (Pictures), is it good?

Discussion in 'Cannabis Pictures' started by aodude36, Nov 30, 2007.

  1. aodude36

    aodude36 Registered

    Hey everybody first of all i just wanted to say this forum is really cool and it great theres a place stoners all over the world can talk about shit

    but anyway i was wondering if this is a good deal for 20 bucks, including size, quality, etc. its 3.0 grams minus a bowl i smoked earlier

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  2. BongLoser

    BongLoser Registered+

    Looks like a good deal to me! I would pay that much for stuff that looks that good!
  3. DurbanStone

    DurbanStone Registered+

    uhh, why would you have to ask that question if you are getting that kind of deal? YES IT'S AN AMAZING DEAL!!! LUCky guy.
  4. aodude36

    aodude36 Registered

    thanks for the positive feedback

    i was just wondering about the quality becuz i have only ever bought from this one dealer so i wanted to have other people who have seen lots more weed than me post their opinion on the quality
  5. NinjaToke

    NinjaToke Registered+

    yah dude thats good id pay at least 30 for that and im a cheap mfer... i love it when deals shoot my way
  6. Nutzilla

    Nutzilla Registered+

    that looks like a good deal, and it looks a bit more than 3 gs, more like 5 or so to me but i dont know the density and such
  7. otottoto

    otottoto Registered+

    Considering i pay 60 and get just .5 more... YA THATS A GOOD DEAL!!!
  8. FlyGuyOU

    FlyGuyOU Registered+

    well done my frien
  9. czm

    czm Registered+

    daaamn.. nice. reminds me of some bud that I had a while ago.

    nice job man
  10. fmacanthaya

    fmacanthaya Registered+

    thats a lot more than 3g. im using mozilla firefox as my browser and i can click on the pic and it zooms in. you can see all the crystals.....
  11. TheDefiler

    TheDefiler Registered+

    That's some nice looking dank for 20 bucks! Damn stuff like that goes for 50 per 3.5g in my area, and most other places too.
  12. ijustloveweed

    ijustloveweed Registered+

    fuck yeah thats good for 20 bucks
  13. DaZeDShAdOw

    DaZeDShAdOw Registered+

    awesome deal for 20 bro, good score!
  14. BBoyShotty

    BBoyShotty Registered+

    definitely a good score
  15. Nightrafe

    Nightrafe Registered+

    nice looking bud, do you know what it is?
  16. aodude36

    aodude36 Registered

    hey everybody
    first of all thanks for all of the great responses

    but i got some more stuff to say about the guy that i buy from

    i live in the bay area, and the dealer tells me the weed has a strain name sometimes, like he will say "bubblle-gum"m or grandaddy and trainwreck n shit, but i didnt know if he was just making the names up

    but all of your positive responses have made me trust this guy more so thanks

    yea im a lil stoned but u probably understood that lol:jointsmile::thumbsup:

  17. nolanfortwenty

    nolanfortwenty Registered+

    ahh the old 3 for 20, looks good!
  18. Daveracer

    Daveracer Registered+

    Killer deal!
  19. DurbanStone

    DurbanStone Registered+

    you know what I hate? When people ALWAYS "want a deal" why not GIVE the dealer more money than he asks? Give HIM a deal for once...
  20. smokealot123

    smokealot123 Registered+

    u look like a very old wrinkeld clit.:(

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