300.00$ pounds of cannabis indoors.

Discussion in 'New Mexico (NM)' started by MimbresValley, Oct 12, 2010.

  1. MimbresValley

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    Some of you think Im smudging the numbers that it only costs 300.00$ to produce a pound of cannabis(nutrients, water, electricity)

    I promise I can easily produce a pound of cannabis for 300.00$
    And So can Jorge Cervantes,

    If any of you are interested, check out page 157-163 in Jorge Cervantes Indoor marijuana grow bible, where Jorge himself shows its possible to produce a pound of cannabis indoors for less than 100.00$.

    I have scanned a couple pages so all you Doubters/Greedy Producers can see for yourself.

  2. MimbresValley

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    Maybe I should forward along a copy of the book to the DOH, ask them why it costs so little to produce, but is being sold for so much.
  3. MDFinest

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    I believe you.. outdoors you can grow a pound for like 50 bucks tops. Even growers selling at 2500 are taxing something serious. I dont blame them because of all the risk that goes in to growing but one day I plan on getting the prices back down to like 1500-2000 of some top quality
  4. MimbresValley

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    I had some joker arguing that it couldn't be done, had to shut him up.
  5. waterdog

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    Back down ????? When in the last 20 years has reefer EVER been $1500- 2000 a pound for medical grade ?? If it is so easy then DO IT ! Talk is easy, results are harder. You shall see ....
  6. MimbresValley

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    Originally Posted by MimbresValley
    I harvest 3-4 ounces of dried plant material off one plant every 3 weeks, in a perpetual harvest, One plant is put in the flowering room, then three weeks later another plant, etc...
    So over a 12 week period I have 4 harvests, when you total the 4 harvest I will have between12-16 ounces of dried plant material(which I smoke all of during that time). I never go over my plant numbers this way, never having more than 4 mature plants in the flower room.

    And yes it is costing me less than 300.00$ to produce it.

    At first I thought Deming was under shooting but after doing the numbers for myself his numbers are correct, that is not taking into consideration securtiy, gas expense, etc.that the producers charge, I think the producers should def be able to do it for a 1,000.00$ a pound no problem, so 2.00$-3.00$ grams.

    Me personally I just use one 600w HPS and a small seperate veg room with a couple cfl's

    .7$ an hour for electricity to run my 600, 12 hours a day in the flower room
    so .07x12x84 = 70.56$

    .7$ an hour for electricity for the AC which runs 24 hours a day for 84 days. 141.12$

    .1$ for my carbon filter/inline fan 24 hours a day, for 84 days, 10.08$

    Not much more for the fans and nutrients.

    So yeah 300.00$ sounds about right!
  7. MimbresValley

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    I originally spelled it out for someone else, but since folks are to slow to realize cannabis costs so much because its a black market item.

    I showed the numbers, I have expert growers who support my numbers, what do you have sir? Just an opinion, with no facts or no effort to show otherwise.

    lets see your break down of the numbers if I am so far off.
  8. waterdog

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    Dude , I am an outdoor grower... If I ONLY got 3-4 ounces a time .... I wouldn't waste MY time.. Break down of the numbers ??? Ha Ha ha ....They are only numbers ! Reality is much different ...
  9. weeddaddy50

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    ok I read that case study

    when I read the complete book.

    That case study is in europe and the electricy rates must be cheeper.

    Here is Cali....they have what is called base line....rates 11 cents a kilo watt..which is reasonable....the problem is when you go over a very low base line your first just is 100% to 130% of base line the cost is 21 cents a watt, then 130% to 200% is 30 cents and 200% to 300% is 40 cents a watt...

    If you grow with 7 1000 watt HPS (1 MH light for veg on 24 hrs) (6 HPS on 12 / 12) You will be at the 40 cents a watt rate....and that means you are paying 4 times the normal rate for power from PG&E in Cali....Additionally...that study did not take into consideration the number of plants that you are allowed in the 13 Medical Marijuana states...most are 6 flowering plants....so if you had 9 of your close friends + your self...you could grow 60 plants and be legal.....60 plants is still well short of what you need for the SEA OF GREEN to work those numbers in the case study. Hence...you are correct....it can be done....but it would be illegal to grow it in all 13 mjm states without about the proper paperwork....most people do not have 22 friends that you need the recommendations for so you can do a proper SEA OF Green of 200 plants.


    You are just way off on your numbers....well I guess if....you wanted to grow one plant with flors....for a few grams....you would be right...

    I believe your post....is like a....Zinger....lets see....who we can irriate...and maybe they will post....or you believe the collectives are charging to much...which growers have no control over....

    I believe your experience level is novice...and you really...do not understand...the time it takes to even start a sea of green or a major indoor grow.....I will tell you what.....on your next grow....start a grow log on this site...document all of your costs....take pictures...of your plants from start...document you time spent...you have to put a cost towards your time...do it for 1 grow....I will follow it and compute your costs...then you will know the true costs of your medicine.
  10. MimbresValley

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    I am a legal grower, I can not harvest more than 6 ounces legally in the state I am currently living in. I have lived in other medical states, I have grown 2lb plants indoors numerous times.

    Living in NM I have a perpetual harvest, this allows me to harvest every three weeks, and still be within my legal limit.

    You laugh when I saw break down the numbers, saying you are an
    "outdoor grower dude", I am guessing you are laughing because you do not actually know how to break down the numbers for yourself.

    so If you are an "outdoor" grower, I am guessing you must be an expert indoor grower as well since you can comment on how much it costs to actually grow indoors.
    And as an outdoor grower how many harvests do you have a year? 1 maybe 2?
    I have 17 harvests a year.

    also how much does it cost to grow your cannabis outdoors?
    Numbers are important Numbers are Reality, they let you know how efficient your grow is, lets you know where you are improving, how much you are harvesting, etc....
    If you don't know your own numbers, how can you tell others what is possible, have you ever even grown indoors "dude"
  11. MimbresValley

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    First things NM has a set electricity rate, .13$ for a KWH regardless of how much electricity you use.

    Ok guys tell me where I am wrong.

    a 1000w hps costs aprox .11$ an hour to run.
    Correct or wrong?

    a Good grower should yield about .5grams -1gram of dried cannabis for each gram of light used?
    (depending on users ability, strain, hydroponics or soil, etc.... )
  12. weeddaddy50

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    Electric costs

    i would love to only pay 7 cents per kio watt....that is not Cali...I am paying 40 cents for most of my grow because of the the low base line we are stuck with.
  13. MimbresValley

    MimbresValley Registered+

    I just checked out your grow logs man, I do not think you are advanced enough to comment on efficient growing, or to be calling others novices.

    Just looking at the position of your light bulbs, I doubt you have ever broken 1 gram per watt.

    you have a nice setup, but far from efficient, Soil takes WAY longer than hydroponics.

    Your bulbs are not used efficiently, you understand the inverse square law?
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  14. MimbresValley

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    .7$ for a 600w hps

    it is .13$ per KWH.
  15. weeddaddy50

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    Hey no problem

    Shoot me the link to your grow log.....I will check it out and see....if I can learn anything from you......wait.......you do not have a grow log right?

    We have to assume that what you are stating is correct...from just your word.

    That is why I stated for YOU to start a grow log....then we can all see....the true costs.

    You are right I have never been over 1 gram a watt.....Very few people can hit that figure.....1 gram a watt is my goal for this grow...which will be 6000 grams every 60 days....I can live with that.
  16. MimbresValley

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  17. MimbresValley

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    You do not have to assume what I am stating is correct, It is supported in numerous cannabis publications, by numerous world renowned growers.
    I have also found it to be true from my own personal experiences.
    I have even provided a link, and a detailed cost break down, You on the other hand have provided nothing, no figures, no articles, nothing to support what you are saying.

    You sir seem to be one of those kats, who thinks if you are unable to hit 1gram per watt, then nobody else is.

    What do you want me to post, I have already very specifically shown my expenses. Do you want me to photocopy my electric bill for you, or should I photocopy my nutrient orders. Seriously bro, Even if I did all that you would still think im making up the numbers, and thats fine with me.

    Tomatoes grow hydroponically can expect anywhere from 60-300 tons per acre, if those same tomatoes were grown in soil, you can expect 5-10 tons per acre.
    The scientific studies have been done, look for yourself.

    You are growing in dirt/soiless, do you honestly not think your yields would go up if you used advanced hydroponic techniques?!?

    Your bulb placement is very poor, using the inverse square law I can tell you are losing a good chunk of your yield there.
    Using drain to waste is not a efficient use of nutrients, by using a recirculating hydroponic system, you could greatly cut back on your nutrient expenses. The list goes on bro, I see lots of mistakes in your room,(im not hating, still a nice room though).

    So I do not think you should be talking about efficiency until you are actually being efficient.

    Comparison of Hydroponic Crops to Soil Crops.
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  18. alfonso2002

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    Mimbres there is something with that black market pricing. I don' know much about Indoor growing But I do have an outdoor garden and grow Chile corn tomato's and other stuff. This last year I grew tomato's for myself all my family and Friends and still was able to donate to soup kitchen in my area. not sure how that compares with mm grow but do think pricing is way too high
  19. headshake

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    how can a 1000W HPS cost ~.$0.11 an hour to run? 1000W = 1KW. not to mention your ballast pulls more power than 1Kw (about 1200-1300 roughly). so not even including the overhead you will be paying over $0.13 an hour to run it. i'm just using your numbers.

    your argument is moot. in cali medical grade weed goes for $2000-25000 a pound. at least my that's what my buddy up north gets.

    and it's not so much a how much it cost someone to grow, but how much time they have invested into their product. they have to cover 3+ months of overhead for one harvest (not talking perpetual here). and even if it is a perpetual harvest it still takes 3+ months to harvest a plant. the costs are still present. you also fail to mention that you need a place to grow indoors. this also costs money and accounts for some of your overhead.

    there are 15 MMJ states. it's not quite the black market that you describe. the bottom line is people can charge whatever they want as long as people are willing to pay it.

    where are the pics of these two pound plants that you grew indoors? is that wet weight?

  20. alfonso2002

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    We are talking penny's compared to"$2000-25000 there are 15 MMJ states. it's not quite the black market that you describe. the bottom line is people can charge whatever they want as long as people are willing to pay it". And I think there is a difference between rec and medical use
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