300.00$ pounds of cannabis indoors.

Discussion in 'New Mexico (NM)' started by MimbresValley, Oct 12, 2010.

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    .13$ is correct. .11$ was a typo
    1000w bulb draws 9.2 amps and yes there is a small amount of juice used by the digital ballast.
    1200-1300watts for a thousand must be with an old magentic core ballasts.

    I have read the loss is as low as 20 watts on newer digital models, here is an article backing up what I am saying

    Digital Ballasts Explained | BGHydro

    That plant was from an old indoor grow in cali, I use a different setup now, much smaller plants on a perpetual harvest due to legal requirements in my state.
    Why would I weigh the bud wet, is that what you do?, I personally weight the bud after it has been dried and manicured. whats the point in weighing it twice.
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    Oh, i used one 1000w HPS/dwc/ with circulation pump and air injection. on foxfarm nurts.:jointsmile:
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    wtf are you talking about?

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    allot to read, but your wrong in allot of ways, Jorge is not really Jorge, and that book is about 15 years old, very good book though I have it too for like 15 years. you can obviously do math but your missing allot of variables such as a Small plant uses way less of everything a Small room uses way less of everything, you talked of a/c running for a grow room this big you need a industrial a/c unit and they don't run cheep and to run them is not cheep. little plants can b grown in pots about 1 gallon big plants need much bigger even 50 gallon pots for a 15 foot tall plant, smaller for smaller plant. this eats nutrients like they were just plain old water, easily you will uses one gallon of pure nutes a month when flowing 4 sativa strains that are big, how much does a gallon of nutes cost, not cheep especially if your using good nutes. electricity for one 600Watter is about 15 bucks a month, but for a room that can handle 4 massive sativa strains were talking minimum 2000W thats about 60 a month. U can see where the holes are to produce for a state you need a massive grow room to produce for one self not so much your perpetual harvest is a good model but for some one who smokes allot makes concentrates a oz is gone in one day, one oz only makes about 9-15g of oil depending on strain and grower. I can see how one can be thrifty but when it comes to producing medicine for the state the state will not allow thrifty you will need to run your rooms like science labs.

    even in Jorge's book he says hydro can shave off about 1 or 2 weeks for harvest and Franco over at green house will say over and over potency increases less then 1 percent in hydro (which is not noticeable). this means dirt is easier to learn and time is not that much of a factor. Everyone in the world will agree terpins in cannabis are much better developed in herb grown in soil. Which is why allot grow soil and not hydro, personally the taste is the reason I say go soil and the easy start to soil is a good one for patients too
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    when one grows for them selves they can make nutes and uses methods to keep price way down, but for a producer this is not an option
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    The quote that you put in an earlier post talking about the price of medical cannabis
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    I think this whole thread can be summed up as follows:

    The dispensaries are charging $13+ per gram, or around $6k per lb.

    It costs nowhere near that to produce a lb. (whether it's $300 or $1,500 per lb).

    The dispensaries are supposed to be "non-profits."

    Someone's getting rich. That's not consistent with what most people think of, when they think "non-profit."

    Solution - get your PPL like I did.

    'nuff said. :Rasta:
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    thats not what nonprofit means, they are not volunteers caseu that would be against the law.

    Non-profit organization - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    a little bit

    Non-profit distinction
    Ownership is the quantitative difference between for- and not-for-profit organizations. For-profit organizations can be privately owned and may re-distribute taxable wealth to employees and shareholders. By contrast, not-for-profit organizations do not have owners. They have controlling members or boards, but these people cannot sell their shares to others or personally benefit in any taxable way.
    While they are able to earn a profit, more accurately called a surplus, such earnings must be retained by the organization for its self-preservation, expansion and future plans. Earnings may not benefit individuals or stake-holders.[3] While some nonprofit organizations put substantial funds into hiring and rewarding their internal corporate leadership, middle-management personnel and workers, others employ unpaid volunteers and even executives may work for no compensation. However, since the late 1980s there has been a growing consensus that nonprofits can achieve their corporate targets more effectively by using some of the same methods developed in for-profit enterprises. These include effective internal management, ensuring accountability for results, and monitoring the performance of different divisions or projects in order to better benefit from their capital and workers. Those require satisfied management and that, in turn, begins with the organization's mission.[4]
    [edit] Nature and goals
    NPOs are often charities or service organizations; they may be organized as a not-for-profit corporation or as a trust, a cooperative, or they may be purely informal.
    Sometimes they are also called foundations, or endowments that have large stock funds. A very similar organization called the supporting organization operates like a foundation, but they are more complicated to administer, they are more tax favored, and the public charities that receive grants from them must have a specially determined relationship
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    very good scaredashell for sure that is what we have to do.Have you got any meds yet?
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    After reading this whole thread, i'm stuck wondering what a 2lb indoor plant looks like. Seen em that big outdoor, never even remotely heard of that big indoor. Shit, it would take 2 1k's just to keep up with the top of the thing.

    I think Shake was questioning the wet/dry weight because it seems like a pretty bold claim, MV, you seem to be very into people backing up their info, so it should only be natural that you do the same.

    This thread explores a great issue, and if people could put there genitals and rulers away, I think everyone could take something from here.

    MV, share your grow with us. Most of these people are like me in that they need to see proof, anyone can spout off whatever numbers they want, but until we get to watch it happen, it's hard to take as fact.
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    So shake, whats your opinion of the mythological 2lb indoor tree, fact or fiction?
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    Key Words" controlling members " " personally benefit in any taxable way."
    " self-preservation" " rewarding their internal corporate leadership" I just wonder what the goals of these non profits are . Is it compassion or greed?
    I have no problem with them making a descent living But again I do have a problem with someone getting rich off the poor and sick.I also know that the pharmaceutical co.s do it all the time but it is too late with them.
    granted not all patients in the program are dieing tomorrow.But they do have real problems that mm helps them with. And if they do have physical problems they more than likely are on a very limited income.
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    Glad you think this is funny but to some this is not funny.
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    Im done responding to the peanut gallery, I had a long talk with shake about this exact thing earlier today.

    everyone feel free to believe whatever you like.

    here is a two pound plant, last time I am going out of my way to prove myself,

    Picture 4 of 4 from Pushing the limits
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    We have all seen 2 or even 3 pound plants indoor....but that is not even your plant....it is someone else grow.....I guess you are way smarter then all of us....we all want to see your grow or your 2 pound plants or your grow where your average 1 gram a watt....that is what we are all talking about....It is easy to spout off stuff until you actually try to do something....

    We want to see what you can do.....Please show us.
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    here is a 2 lb plant simple enough request.

    We? who is we, are you talking for all the members of the cannabis boards? Did you miss the post a couple above yours.

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