300.00$ pounds of cannabis indoors.

Discussion in 'New Mexico (NM)' started by MimbresValley, Oct 12, 2010.

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    from the links you gave me i think a 2 pound plant indoors is possible. i'm not convinced that it should be done. i still have no idea what type of investment is involved. i've only seen a few links.

    dude, who pulled your chain? unless you have something to add to the conversation then keep your mouth shut. i was laughing at the comment Irydyum made, ergo the quote.

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    I was just watching some Jorge Cervantes, hes the bomb if I remember correctly his vid taught me how to make bubble hash. legend he is .........lol I just had to add that casue .......he is
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    Well stated.
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    You need to thicken up your skin a little. This post was about the price of mm from the producers. I took it as you making fun of the subject.
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    i need to thicken my skin a little? you are the one who keeps piping up with something to say that's totally not relevant. what post is about MMJ producers? i quoted the post in which i was laughing.....you know the one that said if we can all stop measuring how big our dicks are we could learn something. i thought that was a valid point, AND it was funny. go figure.

    if you don't like my posts then skip over them.

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    little misunderstanding guys, don't worry about it alfonso or shake, smoke a bowl and chill= ):thumbsup:
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    good idea
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    ........... See below.............
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    I will forward the letter from John Monad/Larry S Love to everyone currently on the mailing list.

    Problem solved, sorry to blow the lid off this whole Growers Guild/Medical Marijuana radio thing. I am sure want to keep everything in the dark patient.
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    Well, no meds yet, ashamed to say I've been too busy and just forked over $390+ for less than an oz, (25 g., with all the associated fees and charges), but I'm gonna give it a try soon. :pimp:
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    So lets say it costs 3,000.00$ to produce a pound of cannabis after all the expenses are taken into consideration, rental space, gas, security, payroll, that a producer might run into.

    All the things that I do not have to deal with as a personal producer allowing me to produce it for 300.00$ a pound.

    If they harvest 50 pounds off their 95 plants ever 4 months, the company would still be making 141,120.00$ every 4 months, charging 13.00$ a gram.

    Ill repeat that.

    That is still a profit of 141,120.00$ every 4 months, that is 423,600.00$ dollars a year.

    I do think prices should be lowered, how much lower I think the DOH should regulate that, I was not saying pounds of cannabis from the producers should be 300.00$, just illustrating that the prices could easily be lowered from the close to 6k a pound currently being charged.

    I have nothing else to say on this subject, feel free to contact me on yahoo to chat, or to be added to the medical marijuana patients of new mexico mailing list.
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    Crisp is a texture, not a flavour, lol.
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    George who?

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