300 watt cfl dual spec question? help!

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by XGR33NthumbX, Apr 12, 2010.

  1. XGR33NthumbX

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    hey guys me and me brother have a 300 watt cfl, dual spec, (red and blue)

    question is, is there only 150watt red and 150watt going to the blue? is it not better if i get a 250 watt red spec for flowering?
  2. demoreal

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    Use both.
    The trick to being a good cfl grower is using as many as you can get your hands on.
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  3. LetsSeeYa

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    As a cfl grower myself, i could not have said it any better:thumbsup:

  4. xxMrGreenThumbx

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    e means, coz e me bro.. we got a dual spectrum 300 watt cfl... is it as good as a 300 watt veg and 300 watt flowering? i mean coz it dual spec it splits the light in half? half being for veg and half for flowering so only half the power if u no wot i mean? srry if i confused yous or anything...
  5. LetsSeeYa

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    So you have one light? Right.

    The spectrum's should say on the bottom of the cfl and when using them for veg and flower will work best. Working with cfls's require you to put as many as possible in because you need enough to fill your grow area. They recommend 5,000 lumen's per sq ft, so how big is your grow area and how many Plants are you growing at a time. I think 3' is close to enough, but i guess it depends on your hight. If you can get the 250watt red use it with veg too, trust me you'll need it:hippy:Then add more if you can.

  6. busybee

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    :jointsmile:hi,sorry i dont use cfl's,just wanted to say hi to gr33nthumb's bro:thumbsup:
  7. XGR33NthumbX

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    yooo busybee, long time, a new year, a new grow =] hope all is good, keep a eye out on outdoor growing as my thread is on there, and my brothers is indoor, are you starting again this year? give me a link if sooo,
    take it easy mate.
  8. busybee

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    all is good gr33n,i posted on your thread too!
  9. xxMrGreenThumbx

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    iz it bttr 2 av a duel spektrum light so u dnt av 2 swap bulb or separate bulbs 4 veg n flower?? Cheers 4 info
  10. LetsSeeYa

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    5,000k to veg and 2,700k to flower is recommended, so if ya have the cash to change em out great. But most people just use what they can to get their grow out.

  11. CovertCarpenter

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    For veg...

    ...I find that anything from 4100k to 6500k will work.

    For flowering, 2700k is preferred, but if you can find some 'round 2000-2100k, that would be killa... to better simulate 'fall' lighting.

    W4llM4rt is your friend here. You can pick up a box of 6x26w CFLs for like 20bux in my 'hood, in either 6500k, 4100k, or 2700k. You can also pick up 'shop' lights in 45w/4100k/3000 lumens... for 15bux ea!

    Pack 'em in...

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