35533N SAP 5-50/300 GC/MS HELP???

Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by newyorkyankz, Jun 1, 2004.

  1. newyorkyankz

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    I have the 35533N SAP 5-50/300 GC/MS test this weeek. I took a walgreens test and passed it. I remember reading somewhere, that there are many types of urine tests, so my question is, if i passed the walgreens test will I pass this one? Or is this one more sophisticated then a walgreens one?

    I smoked 2x, it will be 13 days after when i have the test.. I weight 130, and am 5 foot 8
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    THe test code you provided indicates a THC cutoff of 50ng/ml. That is the same cutoff level as the Walgreens test. So if you passed the Walgreens test, you should be fine for the other test. HOpe that helps. N2

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