3rd Anti-Christ Picture!

Discussion in 'Spirituality' started by Readytoride08, Apr 28, 2008.

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    A guy on a french message board who talks to my cousin siad there is a portait found in Nostradamus's tomb of the 3rd anti-christ!I have attachted below,soppisdly Nostradamus spoke more of the 3rd anti-christ then the other 2.Tell me what you think,notice the blue 'batton'has they called it.I studyed on the Buttom believe it or not Muhummad wore a blue buttom,hopefuly this will shed some light!

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  2. Coelho

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    He isnt much alike Obama, is he?
  3. Stoner Shadow Wolf

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    the antichrist is a person or a group of people opposed to the roman catholic's christianity, the first dominant christian group established.
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    Or is it the Roman Catholic Church?
  5. Stoner Shadow Wolf

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    They DID, afterall, DESTROY ALL the works of mary magdaline the could get their hands on!

    Paul was a male chauvenistic asshole who only took in half of what jesus taught, and the roman catholicstook to paul like flies on honey.
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    The Roman Catholic Church will most likley be the false Prohet(to any Catholics this is not directed to you,but the leadership of the Vaticans)Pepole forget to look at Rome which had 2 captiols Rome and Istanbul.Why do you think they are all talks with the Muslims?I think to restore Istanbul and fully revive the 'Holy Roman Empire'!

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