3rd Grow attempt, Maui Waui and Master Kush

Discussion in 'Grow Log' started by grassman7, Jun 12, 2018.

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    First time I've posted a new thread in the logs, but I have read quite a bit.
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    This is my 3rd attempt at a grow, and it seems to be going a lot better than the first 2 tries. The previous attempt was with some of the feminized Maui Waui and Master Kush seeds that I ordered from Nirvana seeds. I didn't use all of them, though. I got mediocre results on that grow, and somehow I must have stressed the plants because one of them hermied. I had never seen one, and it didn't show until pretty late in the grow. I didn't remove it very early at all, and had lots of seeds in all the buds that I grew.

    It was pretty disappointing, but I saved all the seeds. So on the bright side, I have a boatload of Maui Waui x Master Kush seeds now. I used some of them in this, my 3rd grow. I also used one each of the remaining original feminized Maui Waui and Master Kush seeds.
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    Just to let you know, this grow is near the end. I will start a log at the beginning of my next grow, but I have some questions about this one so I wanted to start it despite being nearly done.

    I have a total of 8 plants in the grow.
    1 - Maui Waui (MW)
    1 - Master Kush (MK)
    6 - MW x MK

    I have a grow room that is a cube, 6.5 feet per side. It is made of 2x4's and is lined with the black/white plastic sheeting, white side showing.
    I have a single 400W HPS light. There are two identical fans for intake and exhaust, and then I have an oscillating fan in the room with the plants to try and provide some additional air circulation.

    I have smart pots, some 3 gallon and some 5 gallon. I used Aurora Innovations original organic potting soil, and Vermicrop's organic dry bloom fertilizer. That soil comes pretty hot in the bag, which will probably bother some people, but it made it easy to get things started. To me, it seemed like the nutes that come with the soil lasted basically about 4 weeks, which was approximately the whole veg period so I added bloom nutes right when I flipped to flowering, and then one more time about 3.5 weeks after that. Other than that, I been just watering or adding a small amount of molasses. I was nervous about over-fertilizing, so I was trying not to use a very aggressive feeding strategy.
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  4. grassman7

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    One of the 6 MW x MK plants was topped after the 4th node, but all the remaining 7 plants were untopped, and untrained. I was originally thinking that since I had so many seeds, I would just try and 'quickly' grow this crop to see how the quality of those hybrid seeds would be. So, with that in mind, I sprouted these seeds and as soon as they seemed to be large enough, which was after about 4-5 weeks of veg, flipped them to 12-12.

    That was back in the middle of March.
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  5. grassman7

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    I have a jeweler's loupe, and have been inspecting the trichomes to determine when to harvest.

    My last grow, which had a hermie in the mix and plenty of other mistakes (learning opportunities?) did not turn out great. I watched those trichomes as well, and I didn't detect any amber trichomes until around week 12-13, and I harvested at the end of week 14.

    I thought the long bloom cycle was due to my errors, but now with this grow, which by all measures is looking far better than my last one, will complete the 13th week of bloom in 2 days. Today, I was finally able to detect some amber trichomes. Looks like I will probably be waiting about 14 weeks total flowering time again.

    Why are my bloom cycles taking so much longer than the norm? Those seeds from Nirvana are advertised to have 8-10 week flowering periods. It has happened two grows in a row for me.
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    You’re having way too much fun over there. LOL. Good luck man. I’m about to flip into flower myself. Got one Bubblegum and one white widow. I plan on a Maui Wowie grow in the future. I sure liked that strain back in 1981 when I was actually getting it from Hawaii proper. Had an old Vietnam vet buddy who was bringing it back with him. Don’t ask me how he managed it. He never revealed his secrets.
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    I tried taking a few pics just to show what I have. It certainly has room for improvement, but also it is the best of my 3 tries so far.

    trichomes_MasterKush_02.png ToppedMKxMW_01.png trichomes_toppedMKxMW_01.png trichomes_MasterKush_01.png Group02.png MKxMW_01.png MasterKush_01.png MauiWaui_01.png
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    Breeder flowering times are estimates, under optimal conditions... some downright embellish. You'll find very few are accurate.

    Maui Waui is Sativa dominant iirc, typically takes longer flowering times over an indica strain. But that's not always the case..

    Confused yet? ;)

    Keep watching the trich's, they'll tell you when ready.

    Keep in mind the optimal coverage area of a 400w light, 6.5' is kinda large. Rotate plants into the center zone at each watering.

    Good job… your gonna have some nice smoke soon.
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    Hey thank you for taking the time to look. I'm excited to try the Maui Waui this time, since the quality of my last grow's results left something to be desired.
    I will try rotating them more next grow - or maybe consider getting a 2nd light.

    Any suggestions for a 2nd light?

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