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    ok when would i have to start flowering a plan to get it to 4 feet ? and roughly how much of a yield do you think a 4 foot plant will yield? with 5 under 1 1000 watter im hearing i can get about a half pound or a pound of that?
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    normaly they double in height so 2' would get ya 4' 2.5' would get you 5'. Some strains can vary from double to tripple. so you have to know your strain to get an exact but that should give you an idea. the light penatration at most is only 3' down so at least a foot or 2 would be useless scraggly weed. your best bet is to keep them under 3 and have more plants next time. as far as yield go that really depends on the strain and the grower. 1k has the possibity to do anything from 1/2lb to 2lb shit there is people getting 3 in sealed rooms.
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    so for maximum growth i should have the light about a foot away from my plants? and it wont burn them with a 1000 watt bulb?
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    Keep them as close as you can to the light without burning. How close that is depends on the intensity of the light/heat, how many fans you have blowing over the tops, whether you have a cooltube or not, etc. There's no quick answer that's applicable to all situations. Put your hand where the plants are. If it feels uncomfortably warm, it's too close. If it's actually hot, it's way too close.

    Number of plants doesn't have much to do with yield. One big plant CAN yield a couple of pounds, but you won't grow a plant like that indoors. A more realistic gauge of yield indoors is to aim for half a gram per watt of light, which would give you about a pound with a 1k light. You could theoretically do better than that, and approach a gram per watt, but if you COUNT on that, you're likely to be disappointed.

    Here's a pic with some good-sized bushes. Indoors, these are about as big as *I'd* ever wanna see. They're about 4 feet tall if you count the height of the pots.

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    just like what that guy said on grass city smackem ;)

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