4 weeks bloom look small

Discussion in 'Outdoor Growing' started by Billbill26, Dec 17, 2016.

  1. Billbill26

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  2. Billbill26

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    Should they be bigger
  3. Shovelhandle

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    this doesn't look like the outdoors. Is it to be transplanted?

    It looks pretty decent for week 4 bloom cycle for indoors.
  4. tangentweed

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    They look good to me.
    Specific strains are slower flowerers than others.
    Patience my friend.
    These are indoor, right?
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  5. gardenermendo

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    They look pretty normal to me. When you flip to flower, it takes a couple of weeks for the plant to transition to producing flower, which produces bud. See all those white hairs? That's a sign of being in full bloom, and for a plant in this stage, your plant is blooming nicely. Those blooms will eventually fill in and it will look like one giant bud.
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  6. Shovelhandle

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    Why again is this in the OUTDOOR GROWING sub-forum?

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