400w hps ideal for 4x2 sog grow???

Discussion in 'Indoor Lighting' started by tech209, Jan 16, 2008.

  1. tech209

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    my closet is 4'Lx2'Wx6'H my plants was to do a mini ebb and flow sea of green method meaning from clone to straight flowering and letting them get no more that 1-2 foot height....was think about 48 plants you think a 400watt hps plus about 10 cfl's would get me a decent yield????
  2. gainesvillegreen

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    Well, wanting circa 50w per ft^2, the 400 would illuminate 8ft^2 (which is exactly your 2'x4' space. The 400w would be perfect for your setup, you will just need to make sure that your area is properly exhausted because a 400w light will heat your 48ft^3 room quickly.

    The other thing (if you're open to suggestion) you should do, is cut back the number of plants. More plants does not mean more yield, and 48 plants in that small of an area is really overkill. My buddy runs a 600w over a 3ftx4ft area and flowers only 24 clones in that space. If you grow your clones a little larger, you can dramatically cut back their overall numbers.
  3. CultureCherryPopper

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    6 plants a square foot? Personally sounds like way too many. I try and stick with a minimum of 1 plant per square foot, but that's me.
  4. tech209

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    the reason i said 48 was because i want to do a ebb n flow set up ......

    4-1x2 custom made trays
    4-water pumps
    48-2 gallon grow bags
    expand clay

    my plans were:
    1 tray for 0-2weeks
    1 tray for 2-4weeks
    1 tray for 4-6weeks
    1 tray for 6-8weeks ...clone from my mother plants with no veg time and just go straight into flowering to just have 1 cola....i wanna try to harvest at least a pound every month....wanna stock up as much as i can before summer gets here
  5. medicinegivers

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    Its difficult to manage plants at different heights in a hydro environment, but with the extra cfls, you can adjust light height for each stage of flowering, which should help a lot.
  6. gainesvillegreen

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    I don't like being the harbinger of bad news, but a pound a month with a 400w HPS is not going to happen. If everything in your system is well-tuned, you could expect as much as 0.5g per watt, so about 200g a month (with everything running perfectly).
  7. tech209

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    ok insted of the table and hydro i dea wut about 30-1 or 2 gallon grow bags filled with black gold soil still using the Sea of green method packed under a 400w hps so i can have just one main cola?

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