420 celebration in Boston

Discussion in 'CANNABIS.COM Lounge' started by ItzDaGumpz, Mar 20, 2008.

  1. ItzDaGumpz

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    i go to school in the Boston area and was just wondering if there.s any special celebration or smoke-out or anything like that... i.ve heard of one on the common, i know they do hempfest and all that, but anything on 420? i mean, it would be rad to just chill w my friends all day and smoke mad blunts/bongs/vaps, but what if i could do that with a massive amount of people? :stoned:
  2. The common has potfest type event on 4/20 after last year i wouldnt carry there though. Nor would i smoke on the common anymore during 4/20 cause the cops are everywhere.
  3. stinkyattic

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    Massachusetts is NOT a medical state and the hempfests that happen every year are NOT free-for-alls where you an publicly smoke. They are geared towards activism and awareness and the event planners always ask that festivalgoers leave their herb at home until we can make some real progress changing the laws.

    The Amherst Extravaganja is held the Saturday closest to Earth Day every year on Amherst town common (intersection of rt 116 and rt 9). It's sponsored by the UMass Cannabis Reform Coalition. I hope they get better speakers this year. But the bands last year were good, especially the one from down Cape that reminded me a little of a homegrown No Doubt. Damn that chick could sing.

    The Boston hempfest is in September and held outside the statehouse on the Boston Common. They have excellent political speakers but I wasn't so impressed with the music selections (death metal at 11am? OY!).
  4. Theres really nothing on the common on 4/20? I remember my sister and her older friends going somewhere in boston on 4/20. Anyway last year at hempfest they made two high profile arrests which i think they are going to regret.
  5. stinkyattic

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    Oh there might be, but the big MassCann one is in September.
    Yup- a very high-profile full-time activist and his attorney. They'd ducked behind a structure for a quick puff and *bam*
  6. ItzDaGumpz

    ItzDaGumpz Registered

    yeh i wouldn.t smoke in public at a big event in boston, too risky. the thing at UMass Amherst sounds like a lot of fun, i.ll have to check it out...
  7. vallick

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    any good deals on bubblers or bongs at hempfest or are you better off buying online???
  8. space toker

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    yeah is the Extravaganja on for this year? all I can find is outdated links to the 2007 or even 2006 events.
  9. Barney Trouble

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    im close to the common, might stop by
  10. stinkyattic

    stinkyattic CultiModerVatorAtor

    The Amherst Extravaganja is on this year. The Umass Cannabis Reform Coalition has a website that should be pretty easy to find. I think it's this Saturday but don't take my word for it, lol.
  11. space toker

    space toker Registered+

    well I will have to search harder I guess! I don't think I can make it but we'll see. peace
  12. Road to Zion

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    Boston has some of the best weed in america. I'm goin there in about 10 min to get a zip of dat chronnicc for tomorrow. Cant wait.

    Happy Holidays
  13. space toker

    space toker Registered+

    yeah I didn't make it, was it great in terms of attendance and bands and all? I hope to make it to the September MassCann one.
  14. Purple3rkel

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    FIRST learn a little before you speak

    YES boston does have a hemp celebration complete w high times coverage and norml attendance. It is in late sep to early oct changes every year. used to be called hempfest now they changed it to freedomfest or some bs but we still call it hempfest. Now in MA under an OZ is decriminalized I KNOW it a 100 fine but it wasnt alway that way. ive been going since 03 and they have an amnesty day: light em up if u gottem as the t conducters is known to say, at worst you risked a confiscation and this is a time when i personally went to jail for a bowlpack.
  15. Purple3rkel

    Purple3rkel Registered

    AND YES it is located in the boston common

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