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    I don't even know where to start. I'm middle aged house wife, non smoker, non drinker, never done drugs, grandma and have been in good health until 6 months ago. A recent medical diagnosis was followed up with a very invasive surgery recommendation that I will not do. I believe in a holistic approach (and have for 25 years) BUT I'm scared and desperate! I would like to try a remedy for my nausea & uncontrollable vomiting. I'm thinking 420 brownies but don't know where to begin. I don't know where to find what I need, much less cook them. I'm using CBD (Charlotte Webb) but it's not strong enuf. Initially, I told myself I'd NEVER do 420. Well, it's time. Like I said, I'm an old ass grandma, but life has really thrown me a curve ball. Thanks for reading this, I feel better just saying it. If you've got CONSTRUCTIVE advice, let me know. I don't need a lecture, I have my own God, and I won't "follow you to your dealers house". Sorry, I forgot to say that I'm cynical..
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    Lily Tomlin once said, "No matter how cynical I get, I just can't keep up". :)

    Hard to give constructive suggestion when we are unaware of your constraints, yah?
    I'm guessing that you don't live somewhere "weed reasonable."?
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    Sorry, I forgot to say that weed is not legal in any state less than an 8 hour drive from me....
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    Weezard - My constraints are: ignorance, no legal weed within an 8 hour drive, dont have local friends that smoke so I can't ask them for help buying, I am afraid to just ask a stranger to sell me weed. I don't care about going to jail I just worry that I'm buying something laced or K2/Spice etc. When I do make the drive to buy, what the hell do I do next? Drive back home, sit there and look at it sitting on the coffee table?
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    You have me trying to remember my hesitations from 50 years back.
    I called a girlfriend and asked her to take notes when I smoked my first joint.
    In case anything "crazy" happened. :)

    It would be a long drive, but a short flight to a recreational-legal state.
    And dispensary people are friendly and helpful.
    The problem them becomes transportation.
    Not legal to ship or carry across state lines.
    I got nothin'.

    When in those shoes, I was able to move to a legal state.
    I'm betting that is not a viable option for you.

    'spose you could attend a rock concert and sit up front.
    Then wait. Some one will pass you a joint. :)
    I have met other smoker at the free concerts in Golden gate park that I still stay in touch with 48 years later

    When in a strange city, I have had luck asking cab drivers and college kids.
    A comment about tobacco is a good ice breaker.
    "Oh, I don't smoke, , tobacco." Said with a grin. :D

    Try looking for a forum here from your state.
    Ask them how they found weed there.

    Best of luck,
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    Here in my state it is quite easy to meet people ... you just have to seek out a few meetings. NORML meets 60 miles from me in 2 different directions regularly and there are a couple of Missouri groups for legalization that also meet and one semi-famous guy roaming around getting people to sign petitions. Find one of these meetings near you if you can, most major cities in states looking to legalize medical marijuana have them. Once you get there, just be honest. Tell your story and voice your support for the cause. Someone will find you. If I heard your story, I would find you. You would go home with something to try, to see if it helped... Reach out, but do it in a smart way.
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    I finally got the 'nads to reach out to friends and family in legal states. Some have offered to help, 3 lectures & 1 angry tirade. I lost my 14 y.o. to K2 a few years back and became a very vocal advocate to get it banned in our state. I know weed isn't the same, but many in my circle don't agree. Gateway drug. I think my paranoia is really just fear. And guilt. When I discovered my son and his buddies were buying K2 bcause it was cheap and the F'n head shop would sell it to them, I did the mom thing. Lecture, counseling, grounding. Then, the 1st time I found him seizing, I decided I would finance his weed to keep him off the stuff. I didn't realize that the K2 high was SO different & addictive. It was too late, K2 won and here I am. I have never viewed weed as bad, I just felt that you need to be intune with yourself to take that journey. I saw it as a enlightenment......
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  8. emilya

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    Glad you have reached out and have help on the way. So sorry to hear about your Son and his problems with K2. That stuff is nasty and should be banned everywhere.
    Weed is indeed different. Next time someone says gateway drug to you, bring up cigarettes. There has never been a bigger gateway drug than this, as they say that just about everyone who has smoked even one cigarette has ended up smoking. Talk about addictive... it is right up there with cocaine and heroin.
    Weed is psychoactive. This means that it stimulates certain parts of your brain, and theories are that THC completes the brain link between the two hemispheres, and in doing so makes you smarter. It makes you more aware of your body and anything going on in it, not less. Yes, there is pot that will wipe you out and turn you into a very relaxed couch potato too, but I have found in my experience that I have gotten smarter over the years as a daily pot smoker, not dumber. As far as being a gateway to anything else, including cigarettes... it just isn't happening. Just because I smoke weed like a chimney, I have never had an inclination to do harder drugs because of it. Truth be told, I did experiment with mushrooms, pills, cocaine and LSD and many other drugs when I was young, but I found that I didn't like the feeling and never stayed with any of it. Pot is different. Pot turns on my brain and makes me want to write and think and meditate. I have written some of my best poetry after smoking pot. Many profound insights have happened while smoking a joint and yet, I have not felt inclined to do anything harder since my early college years. I have seen the medical benefits of cannabis with several of my family members; my aunt with MS in full remission and I have seen that it keeps my brother from drinking. My father has used both the oils that I produce and smoked cannabis to eliminate his need for opiates for his chronic pain and other older adult complications. I know that it makes Joyce and I happy to settle down in the evening after dinner with a big fat joint, allowing us to relax into whatever we have going that night, while also opening our minds to endless potential. I see no downside, and I do see the proper use of it as a means to enlightenment, if as you say, someone is already comfortable in their skin. Those who are still searching to find themselves or who suffer from delusions and paranoia have no business smoking a psychotropic drug. We see them on here regularly freaking out after they smoked their first joint and saw a side of themselves that they didn't like. I think you are going to not only handle pot well, but I suspect you are going to like it and I believe it will help you with your current problems.
    Lastly, some people just cant handle the act of smoking... the drawing of smoke into their lungs, whether it be pot or tobacco. There are of course all sorts of ways to do edibles, but I find them hard to control whereas I can take a couple hits on a joint and then be good for hours, not having had to smoke the whole thing. There are also very easy ways to deal with smoke, such as the various vaporizer solutions that give you a much more diffused air/smoke situation that some people can tolerate better than directly inhaling the concentrated smoke from a joint. I hope your friends can introduce you properly to all of this... you have some experimenting to do!
    Have fun with it and I hope it brings you the relief you are looking for.
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    What is K2 ``` Ok ~ just looked it up``` Synthetic cannabinoids

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