45 days clean, light smoker, pass urine test?

Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by elcazket24, Jun 1, 2013.

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    Hi all, I'm a light smoker maybe once a week or every two weeks with friends from a bong. I'm 5'11'' 260lbs I don't usually exercise but I sweat all the time since I live in Puerto Rico and its very hot. I smoked for the last time with a friend maybe 3 hits on April 15th. On May 30th I took an At Home Drug Test brand in the afternoon and it came out negative see the first picture below. Yesterday (May 31st) in the morning I took another At Home Drug Test brand with my second void of the day and also got negative results see the second picture below and about one hour later I took a drug test (UA) for a job.

    So any opinions on may/I pass/I wont pass/looks ok?



  2. Burnt Toast

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    Did you consume any fluids prior to taking this test?
  3. elcazket24

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    about 50oz of water the night before and 8oz orange juice in the morning.
  4. elcazket24

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    to clarify around 8 hours went by since a drank the 50oz of water to the At Home Test and around 4 hours from the orange juice.
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    For the most accurate results, always use the first urination of the day when testing yourself. And dont consume any fluids prior to this because this can skew the results. Consuming fluids can dilute the THCA concentration in the bladder to the point where a urine sample registers a negative. This dilution phenomena is only temporary - once the fluids ingested had all been urinated out, the bladder is replenished with fresh THCA-laden urine by the kidneys and thus the donor would resume testing positive for THC.

    By using the first-morning void, you are testing when THCA concentrations would be at their highest (aka the "worst-case scenario"), providing that no fluids were consumed prior. If youre consistently testing negative under that "worst-case scenario", youre good to go. :thumbsup:

    Sweating is hardly of any help because very little THC is excreted via sweat. You can sweat enough to fill a water tower, yet the amount of THC being excreted would still be miniscule. The rest are being excreted via the urine and bowels.
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    After I drank those 50oz the night before, I woke up and went to the bathroom several times during the night (2-3 times) and had a long piss. Then I woke up like 6 hours later had my first void and then tested negative on my second void. So according to what you said my bladder should have replenished with fresh THCA-laden and even after that I tested negative.
  7. elcazket24

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    So this morning I took another At Home Drug Test with my first void of the day (i hadn't consumed water or any other liquid for at least 12 hours) to see the outcome and it came back negative as well.

    Am i good to go?

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    Looks good!

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