4th week of flowering!!!

Discussion in 'Basic Growing' started by iarbaman, Sep 26, 2006.

  1. iarbaman

    iarbaman Registered+

    Hey guys, things are looking quite well! The plants stopped growing upwards, but new buds appearing every day!:D :D :D
    Here are some pics i took today!
    Does it look normal (bud size) for a plant into its 4th week of flowering???:confused: :confused: :confused:
    Take care you all:thumbsup: :thumbsup:

    Ps. does anybody knows if there is a strain which could relieve tooth pain (wisdown tooth)???

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  2. iarbaman

    iarbaman Registered+

    Are those crystals on the bud and leafes???
  3. orangeman

    orangeman Banned

    Yes, those are the trichome crystals :)..
  4. iarbaman

    iarbaman Registered+

    Not much going on now, besides the buds getting bigger!
    But i have a new question to you guys. Is it ok to harvest the main cola (not yet) and leave the lower buds to mature a bit more, cause i think they wont be ready at the same time as the main one! If i do so, can i just continue with the 12/12 light schedule for a couple more weeks and harvest, or should i change to 18/6???
    New pics next week.
    Take care!!!
  5. kush07

    kush07 Registered+

    The top colas look kinda small for a plant that is 4 weeks into flowering. What kind of lights have you been growing them under? They look very fuzzy and on one of your shots it seems that you have good trichome production which is good. Try and get better lighting on your full plant shots because it seems to be a little too bright to get good pic quality.

    Happy Toking :Rasta:
  6. iarbaman

    iarbaman Registered+

    My first grow, what can i say!!! Im using 10 fluorescent tubes in my grow box, 6 cool and 4 warm!
    I guess the problem is nutes, not light. im not feeding my plants as i should. like i said, its my first time, lets see how it goes and next time try to improve!
    Next week try to take better shots!
    Thanks anyway for stoping by!
  7. busteruk7

    busteruk7 Registered+

    looking good iarbaman that is looking like a healthy plant you have there nice one keep it up it wont be long now lol
    cheers all :)
  8. elway07

    elway07 Registered+

    Pain? yes there is a strain called Kush any kush strain I was reading in High times that it is similar to vicodin, but it is very expensive.. good luck
  9. sdhall36

    sdhall36 Registered+

    Congrats on your first grow!!! I have had a lot of fun doing mine and it's very rewarding seeing changes take place - It seems to take forever and a day to finish though, I feel like I have been in the flowering stage all my life!!!
    The plants look good to me - rather than chopping the main cola (I though about that with mine) prior to harvesting which could shock the plant badly, try and get some more light to the lower buds.

    Well done!!! All the best - Hall
  10. iarbaman

    iarbaman Registered+

    Best bud!!!

    Hey guys, day 1 of 5th week, here is a shotn of my best bud, its the sice of a lighter. Is that a normal size for these age??? Should i increase the nutes???
    At present time, im giving my babes 4ml per galon of a 4-6-6 Rose Blooming solution every 3 days! Is that apropriate???
    Sorry for the low quality pic, a bud of mine is using the better camera!!
    Take it easy you all!

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  11. iarbaman

    iarbaman Registered+

    Other pics!

    I guess ill have to go to the store and get meself a couple of CFLs and put them between the lower parts of my babes. Try to revigorize things a little bit down there! Should i get only warm ones, or should i pick one cool and one warm???
    About the nute question, any advice on that issue???
    Later guys!!!:smokin:

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  12. Th3 sand m4n

    Th3 sand m4n Registered+

    the more light the better.. but also dont forget nutes. on my first grow i didnt feed them very good and i ended up getting scrawny buds :( good luck with the grow.
  13. elway07

    elway07 Registered+

    On the lights..... I would just get warm if you are in flowering. Cool are used more for Veg. stage. I am not expert but that seems to be what I have been told and what I have read thus far. Good luck

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