5 weeks old,when do i induce flowering?

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by DPoisen, Oct 29, 2004.

  1. DPoisen

    DPoisen Registered+

    my plants are 5 weeks old and all good,they are about 30cm tall...at what stage would i change to 12\12 hour light cycle?????
  2. toma

    toma Registered

    From this height/age you can flower them any time you want.
  3. DPoisen

    DPoisen Registered+

    do u suggest i wait till thet bigger?do they grow alot during flowering?
  4. toma

    toma Registered

    They can grow a lot in the first 4 weeks of flowering depending on the strain. They'll sure grow at least 30%.
    What lamp are you using? What's the height of the growroom?
  5. DPoisen

    DPoisen Registered+

    im using a hps,

    my grow room is pretty small 2 and a half foot squared,and about 2 metres high ;)
  6. toma

    toma Registered

    You decide. The longer you veg them the more you will yield... But if I were you I'd start in a week or two.
  7. Tech

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    They will double or most probably triple in hight by maturaty , so if you switch em now they,ll finish up best part of 3 feet.
  8. bigstonedbearx

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    personally i choose not to flower until about 18-20 inches tall at that point there is a much better root structure and you tend to yeild alot more more potent shit .this is just a personal matter. i would rather have a longer veg and flower cycle and wind up yeilding 3 1/2 oz per plant of incredible shit
  9. CO DE

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    How long do u veg for???

    How long do u veg for??? :confused:??? I normaly veg on 18/6 for 5 weeks using IONIC GROW in COCO.
    Is 5 weeks vegin OK?
    If it makes any difference there WHITE RHINO?
  10. bigstonedbearx

    bigstonedbearx Registered

    you see there are many variables white rhino is a relatively compact plant with a good yeild if you want large plants with large buds all you have to do is
    veg them not for a period of time but depending on how tall the plant is.
    like i said about 18-22 inches is about good for some monsters plants generally double in size while flowering so it all depends on your preference
    hope i have helped

    peace, and always remember you should always smoke as much pot as you possibly can
  11. PRGanja

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    Early Flowering

    Hey I was wondering how to induce early flowering.. i live in Puerto Rico. I plan on planting outdoors. Can i start flowering when plants are about 1' or 1'6''?? And how much sunlight should i give them.? The sun is pretty intense here.. I have like 16 seeds germinating and i plan on planting them all.. My backyard is perfect for it cuz it has a lot of plants that can serve as camouflage and the fences are covered in bindweed so no one can really see whats going on.. I live up in the mountains so its not like anyone is around to see xD My point.. How much light and darkness to start flowering and for how long do i have to keep the routine? Also how long should i wait until i can harvest?
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