500w CFL, or Go HID?

Discussion in 'Indoor Lighting' started by HeallyRi, May 2, 2007.

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  2. HeallyRi

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    I guess what I mean to ask is,

    With the CFL's would I have to worry about heat/cooling problems as much as I would with the HIDs? I like in a pretty sunny/hot area, where temps average around 85*f, with poissible highs in the summer as to 103*f (High humidity too)
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    that's hot; yes, the cfl's will be cooler

    my advice? if you want a lot of cool power, go with T5HO instead; htgsupply.com will get you good stuff; e-conolight has a 6-tube fixture for a bit over a hundred bucks; bulbs from 1000bulbs are less than five bucks

    i wouldn't bother buying so many cfl's; i doubt you'll save money, and they'll be innefficient; T5HO will get you 92 lumen per watt
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    what's your grow space? if you have 4ft wide, go with flouro tubes
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    well, im going to do a cab, so i dont think tubes will work well.. 47 1/2"H x 27 1/2"W x 14"D.
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    not much room for 4 plants you would probably only want to flower 2 plants in that size cab if growing from seed you might be able to start 3-4 and cull a couple once sex is determined a 150 hps would probably work well but if the cab is outdoors or someplace hot where temps will reach 100 degrees or better your going to have temp problems regardless of what light you go with if its inside an air conditioned house dont really see the outdoor temps even being an issue.
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    healy...sounds like ur in florida im from there and i tried to gro in th heat and it ruined the bud i got what looked like pounds ended up bein a little over an oz it was so airy and fluffy
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    im thinking of getting a single room air conditioner.. theres one in a sale ad at some store for 88$.. lol

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